From Ramzan to Rozay wali Eid 2011

With ammi baba being back to town, things are awesomely family oriented 😀 and yes thats a BIG smile. Someone to look forward to when you come home from work, sehri’s and iftars were great this time round. Though the rozas were looooong.. 15 hours or so but we managed pretty well. Thanks to Allah that we had gorgeous weather throughout the blessed month. somedays were tiring, exhausting and hectic but Alhamdolillah a well spent ramzan. With workload and time for a heart to heart session with Allah mian was managed pretty well 😀

Chand raat was spent with friends and later at home applying mehendi – MY way 🙂
Eid came and Ada and family were missed. Eid in karachi was SO much fun. Though we were home most of the time but still… it rained. Allah mian literally showered us with His blessings. Alhamdolillah. Beautiful rain on eid. Amazing breakfast. Skype with the family in Dxb 🙂 Family values right there.. yes they make me happy 😀
Beautifully wrapped Eidi from saad made my day ❤

3rd say of eid was Ami’s birthday. We celebrated like theres no tomorrow. A Midnight donut party and ended the day with a nandos family dinner which made ammi very happy. Alhamdolillah 😀

ps. i love mehendi and yes Nandos cake and peri bites are PURE indulgence 😀

Oh mother!

Just a few days back we were at Punjab Chowrangi where you find these little kids with wipers which probably make the windscreen dirtier 70% of the times. Heres how it goes.

Me and Ammi see this child coming towards our car holding the wiper high indicating that we are his next clients!
I start nodding my head.. no noo Nooooo.. but didnt we know THAT never works. He starts wiping quick..

Ammi: KIS NAY KAHA THAAA (in a tone slightly louder than her usual)
The boy froze.
Ammi: keh pepsi par 5 rs kam kardo.
Me: *Puzzled* cracked up laughing
So did ammi and the young chap.

He ran to the other side cleaned the windscreen sparkly shiny and smiled….

Gotta LOVE Ammi! It was hilarious.
Alhamdolillah. We were able to bring smiles to the young chaps face.
I’ll never be able to forget his face, how he lit up.

Thankyou Allah Mian..

…for all the goodness around me.. that i sometimes fail to see… understand….absorb.
Thankyou for all the blessings..friends.. family….people around me..
For all the duas that keep me rolling..the calls from nani…Ammi..Baba..
the skill.. the talent.. that keeps me going.. the faith that everything will turn out great..
I do tend to think otehrwise.. sometimes.. the tummy in the knot bothers me..
but for that u’ve given me friends who try and help me get away that feeling..
Thankyou for giving me Choti… Thankyou for giving me S..Ada..Mayg api.. Manoo…Mehruu..
Thankyou for every little thing.. like the teeniest weeniest thing that u’ve blessed me with.
Allah mian.. Aap buhat AALA hain!

Let the faith remain! let the goodness flow!
Let it all come my way..ALL whats the best for me..
Allah Mian.. So?? You know what i’d askk…
Whats the plan? Hain hain 😉

Hello December!

So i feel that time flew this year on because it went by great(well yeah mosst of it) and i am very very thankful for it! Alhamdolillah

-I miss Ada very much. He’s been crazy busy with work and we hardly get to talk. But ada.. u musst know that i’m praying for you all the time.
-I did conquer the world when i bought the long awaited Canon D550. Thoroughly enjoying it but its been crazy otherwise that i still havent explored it inside out.. but will do soon.
-Winter break coming up! weeeeeeeehoo!!!
-3 years at workplace will be complete as soon as semester ends. Inshallah.
-My first batch of students-friends-juniors graduate in a weeks time 🙂
-This convocation will be very special, Munim and sheeraz graduate! *blessed*
-I love winters because u can cozy up though i get the coldest fingers and toes *dangerous*
-Need to do some serious sockies shopping
-Celebrated Mehr’s 1st birthday. It was an awesome idea for Mayg api and the kids to drop by. Missed Ada like crazy.
-Mahnoor and I continue being the best of friends 😀
– Lifes on a roll and i’m loving every bit of it.
-Nani is doing a lot better. Alhamdolillah.
-Baba ammi visiting makes our home complete.
-The ‘achi choti cheez’ bought in lots of laughter
-Alumni show coming up in a week! 😀
Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios has 436 fans as of today. Its a great feeling, random people appreciating your work, ordering and coming back with a bunch of happy stories. BIG alhamdolillah 😀
-Illustrator and Photoshop courses ended yesterday. Great learning. Need lots of practice =)
-Friends have been close where random acquaintances became friends.
-Choti has a printmaking minor and its been long since we had a balcony session. Feels like a part of me is missing.
-Ayezu got married a few days back. Mashallah she made a gorgeous bride.
-Its a great feeling when friends randomly msg saying i made their day. Its a happy feeling.
-I am soooo thankful for these special people around me..they make my life complete.
Allah Mian, I am still curious about the plan. With the year almost coming to an end.. Am all ready and heads on for 2011! Inshallah.
But but.. Whats the plann?? =D

Halfway October..

-Lifes been a roller coaster and it has no rewind button
-Just sometimes i wish there was a rewind button
-30 years of awesomeness for Baba and Ammi *Love*
-Ada and familys ‘sumprise’ official-family visit was just great
-Mahnoor continues to not share Phupo with Mehru and remains my best friend *thumbs up*
-October was supposed to be camera month for me..but instead became camera month for S (am glad though)
-But i’m still hopeful. 2010 is the year for me. Still 2 more months to go =)
-I finally used my wiltons color gels for Saads 22nd birthday cake. Turned out great.
-Nani’s ‘special’ DUA makes me smile
-I learnt abt BMWs a little.
-Recent trips to billboard have been funny.
-Bonding with Buddy M was awesome. Needed that doze.
-Choti got a qwerty too. Thats a good chain reaction. Boo!
-Me and choti plan to walk together till we’re 60. The thought makes me smile.
-Icecream makes me happy. Chocolate chunk cookies make me happier. Anaar juice made me the Happiest =)
-Am enjoying workplace and my cubicle a LOT.
-Gotta do some serious baking soon.
-Lots of need to be done.
-Did a very interesting ‘envelopy’ project =)
-PGCA is amaaazing.
-Working on a mini DK project. Shall share when done
-Did some doodles and proud of them.
-Adobe illustrator and Photoshop are a blessing
-Numerology is interesting
-Noori.Ali azmat.Mauj- Should be fun.
-H2H with ammi turned out great.
-Havent read a good book in 2 months.
-I washed my USB and the Ipod with my Jeans. The USB survived, the ipod didnt.
-Its just half of October gone and its seems like forever. Why is time running all of a sudden?
-Lifes tough but adventurous.. am Glad.
-Praying brings me back the faith.
*Blessed* =)

PS: I LOVE starry nights.

Allah Mian, Whats the plan?

Allah Mian is always good to us, someway or the other. He has a plan for everyone and it IS a good plan. Well yea, most of the times I am convinced. There are some parts of your life that you thoroughly enjoy, while some suck the fun out of it; some very tough and some sail by smooth. Some parts make you strong, stronger than before while some come back and worry you. Some parts of your life are like candies, they taste well and then they vanish. Some parts you never imagine them to be like the way they are while some make you the person you are.
There have been several parts of my life that made me the person that I am. I became stronger than before, more confident, independent and devoted. I became happier as a person. My faith went high. I became more n more patient. I thanked Allah mian for every little thing He gave me. Loving parents, two precious brothers, a sister-like bhabi, 2 beautiful nieces, an awesome bunch of friends, S, Choti – a sister I always wished for, a satisfying job, a running business and lots more.
There are times when I want things to happen there n then. I become impatient. I want to know whats ahead of me, but then knowing whats ahead of me will kill the fun. While there are times I become all strong only because that would be the best option and later things come back rolling pulling me back in the den.
Yesterday was just great. Other than me being tired and running around all day, what made me happy was to meet old friends, having the precious one around to help and just be there. Choti’s firefly becoming a hit (Alhamdolillah), scrutinizing a camera which will become our property soon Inshallah. Dinner with the crazy clan and chai back home.
Things are good.
But but Allah Mian, I have a question.

Whats the plan??

Ammi’s are Adorable..

To the treasure Allah Mian gave me in form of you,
My friend and confidant in times of despair,
Am soo glad to have shared a mother-daughter relationship with you
To AMMI with all my love and prayers
‘Happy Ammi’s day’

Ps: This card is done by firefly.


Random 25092009

•I miss nana the most
•And ada too…
•Prayers give me satisfaction
•I strive for the best and mostly get where I want to(i be lucky)
•You are an art creative when u have UHU(glue tube) in your handbag and no lip-gloss or Kajal for that matter.
•I’ve seen Ice age 1 and 3, 2 still remains in the unseen movies.
•Ramzan passed by reaaaaal quick, alhamdolillah
•I love the jhoola.
•Group hugs? Anytime!
•Khwab adhooray sahi, khwab saharay toh hain!!!!
•I love flowers
•In the past 2 weeks, I received 2 personalized cd’s with songs for me. Bhai(rahat) and choti. thanx =)
•I say I am blessed with the best of friends, are you?
•I love making people happy.
•There are just a few people who know exactly whats going on.
•I recently dropped my phone in sheer-khurma and it survived the dive 😉 Phew, Alhamdolillah
•I have just one black bangle left from my India trip. Somebodyy… get me the same ones…
•I wish to wake up in a room full of balloons someday.
•…I feel your whisper, across the sea.
•Cold coffee at -7 star- has become the latest pleasure 😀
•I like personalized presents, even if it’s a random little handwritten note.
•I’ll spend money on rings not clothes
•Funnily ouch-ed; Fouched*
•Pink is Not me yet it suits me the best!
•Ammi’s are the Best!
•I workout at night
•I *on a serious note* AVOID medicines.
•I wish I could give reall *jkj*’s everyday =)
•Iktara isss the chinngum song at the moment.
•And I guess Bus..Tonight I MUST sleep before my eyes disappear from my face.
•I say life’s good!!!!

*sibling act*

Siblings are the bestt of friends one can have. We are 3 altogether, two brothers sandwich me. Ada and saad. Having brothers is really different as to how i see people who have sisters as siblings. Apparently brothers can never be sisters…. But there are always exceptions. Ada has also been the sister when i was young and always wished for one. Yes he has played ‘Cham Cham(a game where 2 or more people clap against each other in harmony on a self made song)’ becuz he thought thats why i always wished for a sister, who can play ‘cham cham’ with me. hahha… yess thats sweet.

So ada has been the sister, the friend and the ada!!! While saad has been the young brat who would annoy me to the fullest and we’ll scream and fight and the next moment will be seen sharing a favourite chocolate. I Luv them both. Both have their own charm.

At this point in time, where ammi sees me getting married by the end of next year(i dont know why), lol, i miss the ada-me-saad-times. But once ammi had said that sooon all of you will fly away into your own lives…cherish the time you get to spend together. I miss ada! He’s there but not there. Life is busy for everyone.

Prayers for ada and saad for a long prosperous life. Ameen.

Here’s the crazy US!