Baarish 2011

Finally, karachi saw a little of the rain. Veryyyy little but it brought the mitti ki khushbu that one longs for. the pressure built up, humidity… and eventually it poured leaving me in awe after i saw the beautiful sky. Amidst the greys appeared a streak of orange.. What a beauty! SubhanAllah. The after effects left me happy, with winds blowing.
Thankyou Allah Mian 🙂


Day 2 – The rooftop

Anyone who knows me well, would know that i am inspired by nature… the sky. the clouds. the stars. the sun. THE chand mian 🙂
Being blessed with the most beautiful rooftop one can have in the city of chaos… is a Charm. I can spend an entire night sitting outside my apartment and enjoy the thandii hawaainat the rooftop. open skies. cars passing by. birds flying by. sparkling stars. charming Chand mian. the fresh air that gives you goosebumps. the traffic signal lights that always intrigue me. racing bikers. struggling rickshaws. Sigh.

Sometimes i capture the most beautiful scenery where i see rumbling skies, strokes from nature that only Allah Mian can create. My faith high… i sit there.. sometimes clicking pictures of what i see.. at other times i find myself mesmerized by what i see that i forget to click.

The rooftop is an inspiration for me, i’ve spent countless owl nights swinging by the jhoola. When kesc decides to take away the luxury, i run to the rooftop Check more work inspired by the rooftop here.

The glow

The sun..the glow
a sneak preview that made me happy
leaving the positive energy…
the energy that remains..and here i am..
yet again..
spreading happy vibes and sharing kitkats.
Allah Mian shukr.

The story of..

…the painful contact lenses.

I wore contacts for a good 4 years or so, most people didnt know i owned a pair of specs which came out only at night when the contacts were allowed to rest in their case and be ready for yet another day of no sleep and strain on my beautiful eyes. After i got to Indus, the winds were filled with dust particles that bothered me throughout the day causing irritation and redness. I used to doze off while wearing them and be woken up with a pair of RED eyes and contacts stuck to the pupil. And oh boy, THAT was painful. My eyes would get dry and the contacts need mositure but to no avail.. Eventually i stopped wearing contacts and invested in a pair of cool specs. I actually enjoyed wearing specs, changed them bi-annually. This one time i bought a pair of purple specs(very unlike me).

This summer i thought i’d be a good idea if i could get back to wearing contacts just for the sake of it. And so i got myself a new pair of contacts. I wore them everyday and by night my eyes would feel tired, clearly showed am not used to them anymore. Last night after watching the fifa final i couldnt sleep. After fajr i got to bed and slept not realizing that the contacts needed to rest in their case and NOT in my eyes *Sigh* Ab toh hogya! Woke up 730 and theres a blur, i couldnt see a thing. I ran towards the mirror and saw my eyes all red and they hurt bad. Took me 20 mins to get those tiny little pieces of plastic off my eyes. Phew!

Am happier with my specs. They are part of my identity. I look different and rather prettier without the specs sitting on my nose and hiding my eyes but they’re comfortable and trendy AND i can sleep without worrying about my eyes hurting when i wake up. So there we go.. Specs WIN over contacts! Finally!

Ps: My specs make me PHUPO for mahnoor. When Ada and family shifted to dubai, Mayg api told me how in the mall, Mahnoor ran to this girl who was wearing gaLses and WAS phupo! Cutie!