‘What i like’- week

Ohkayy so i thought i’d get back to blogging bas.. I have so much inside me.. its all stuck.. like me and S relate to the situation and sayy ‘Phassgiyo’. So heres the deal!
For a week or so.. I’ll write about what i like, relate to, what i am inspired by etc etc.. yes yess All in the name of bringing the MOJO back!
Ajaao yaar.. please aajao 😀


Run to meeee
Come to me…
Run to meee..


You plan a day for yourself and that makes you happy.
Things dont turn out to be like the way you had planned. Who do u blame?
Nobodyyyyyyyyyy, plan out another happy day!!!
yikes..that doesnt work out either??
Now what?!
Plan out another happy day.. probably tht one just wasnt meant to be….
Today ‘can’ be a happy day….

untie the knot..

Bad bad gut feeling.. weird knot in the tummy.

The heart feels burdened with a reason mostly unknown, probably known.
I am a person who is good with handling a thin count of threads and patient enough to solve the knotted puzzled chemistry of the threads… Why is it soo tough to untie the knot in the tummy?

Gut feeling.. You bad bad gut feeling.. GO AWAY!
Please? :$

*nobody cares*

how many people care?
Raise your hands!!!

*raises both hands*

Time flew away? Where?

I turned 23 last week. Dont feel like a 23 year old though, Whats the difference though? Not much, am the same Ghazal that was a year back, a little more thought provoked and an intense planner and an extreme workaholic(killing myself type).Birthday was great this year, Started with Adi Abida Parveens continued performance at school. Worked reallly hard for this event, was made the coordinator for organizing it. Alhamdolillah everything went by great. Made a few great friends during the event including abida parveen, who thought i am a miracle. ‘Ghazal aik maujza hai..’ 🙂


Birthday followed the next day, was great. Had friends over for lunch. Was a great sunday. Some unexpected calls made me happy, hafsa apa thanx. The best gift i could ever get was a handmade card from mahnoorie. Luv u shoo much guddo ranoo. Oh and the blue, black and white balloons i wished for , for so long! Thanx fa. Zainu baked the most scrumptious cake for my birthday! missed baba, ada, mayg api and mahnoor. Ammi made a day trip just for me.


Its been pretty long since i wrote. Its been very hectic, Lifes busy. Havent had time for myself at all. To think, Indulge. Miss the starry nights. Friends have been there for me when i needed them most. Luv them all. Luv buddy m for being there, best friend, hero. Dont know what would have done without them all. Life is good , Alhamdolillah.
Was wishing for sometime off and head to a vacation, right time for prayers to be accepted and it did. Am off to thailand for a week. *Bliss*
No no, Its not a personal trip, its a work trip, study trip as many would call it. Taking the final years to see crafts around Thailand. Its going to be a week long trip and absolutely looking forward to it! Missing the India trip back in 2007, thesis time. A post still due regarding that, a detailed one.
Had the most amazing day with fishy today. Slumdog millionaire and bonding session in one go. Prayers from aunty. Alhamdolillah.

*from ‘i dont know’ to ‘Yes i know’*


2004 was the year when i joined indus as a foundi(freshy as most would call it). As a student, life was very different. I was carefree and responsible too but for the pranks played on classmates and ragging to the juniors! It didnt matter if i wanted to sit at the cafetaria all day long and work after school hours. It didnt matter if Urdu elective class was spent sleeping away since friday mornings were bad. hahah good times though! Finished life as a student 2007 december. Graduated with a Founders Award (alhamdolillah). Made my family most proud of me and that made me the most happiest!
Was offered a job at indus and 2008 jan’ i joined back as a teacher, a faculty member. Seemed so weird. Same place, same department, same studios, same teacher(now colleagues) but no matter what they remain my teachers for life, same juniors but what changed was, My Life!
My friends had gone and i had remained to continue being a friend to my juniors and to teach them what my teachers had taught me. Its been a year since i started teaching. Alhamdolillah its been a great journey. As a student it was easy to say ‘i dont know’ but not i can proudly say ‘Yes i know’.
From a student to a teacher, life has been good. hoping it continues to be the same! I have been the person as a teacher as i was as a student, Just my position at school has changed! but alhamdolillah i continue having the much loved Tea time with my juniors who are more than friends. My junior gang is now in final yr. Lots of prayers for them all! Inshallah they’ll make me proud!

Yes, i know!