Bridey thoughts

Maa ka Ghar

How difficult is it to leave your home and move to your new home where hubby will be? I didnt know it would be this touchy. Packing stuff, winding up the room, preparing to shift to the new home is a weird feeling. From teary moments to sparkly eyes. Its a mixed feeling and its leaving me kinda sleepless. When i say Maa ka ghar, i surely mean it because Ammi is the only one who is feeling weird too with me packing stuff and telling her that i’ll take ‘these’ boxes later. With random outbursts of love and hugs i have a knot in the tummy. Guys will never know how this feels. With 15 days to go for the great shift, I’m equally excited too. Allah mian, Thankyou.




So im getting into the grooove of becoming a bride inshallah 🙂

Dubai trip happened! Ending the year exactly how i started was fun. It was different yet the same. I had a different shopping list, i shopped on a budget. IKEA shopping list revolved around household stuff. Well, life is changing for good and im totally looking forward to it. Allah mian, youve been so mehrbaan that i cannot even begin to think what i would do if you werent there to guide me.

Hubby-to-be and I are super excited to sign off our lives to one another*inshallah* with friends and family around to help, support, guide and LOVE is a super blessed feeling. Missing Nani’s presence a lot. But i know she’s shining like a star in the skies where my friend chand mian resides. 

Let the fun begin!!! 

*throws confetti*

life at 11:00 on a sunday morning

So december started, the bridey mode is still far away from how everyone would want it to be! A list of chores to be covered by the hour, wrapping up projects, semester ending at work. Life is a BIG chaos right about now. There are moments where i fight with sleep so i could finish work off. Looking forward to travel plans….much needed.
December, you seem good. please keep it rolling!

countdown begins :)

50 days to ‘Qubool hai’
This picture says a lot!

Picture courtesy: RR Photography
Cushions: Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios

of life changing stories…

Here comes the *BRIDE-TO-BE*. Yes thats me, So with around 50 days to go for the BIG day!
Here i am yet again, counting the blessings in my life. Nani’s super special duas that keep me rolling, the family who now feels that I will go to my new home soon.. so there is extra love.. care and FUN, thoughtful friends, great workplace family and my best friend husband-to-be. Every little thing is worthwhile. Excited and preparing for the new life, new home. This bride-to-be is psyched! Alhamdolillah 🙂
Allah mian.. this is not the end.. its a new beginning… of higher levels of faith and trust in you. Thankyou for being oh so mehrbaan on us always. Keep it rolling Allah mian. Need it always 😀