Dhk Dhk Pakistan

We celebrated at school with this HUGE over whelming flag. Heres how it looked/felt 😀

On the crafty front, a few projects specially for pakistan on its way!

Theres more here Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios

Picture 1: photo credit – Adnan Adil


Just a little change…

Weekends come and go by FAST. But this sunday amidst of all the laundry, maasi, dishes, cooking, baking and ironing CHAOS; i did something for myself, my room and it made me reallly happy. Newly inducted flower-ly fairy lights made my day. Oh and a few books i bought recently to keep me Extra busy 🙂

Mazzaaaaayyy =)

aaiyay 2010 aaiyay!!


the pink fluffs…
the birds clutter the sky
the orange sphere prepares to leave
changing hues
from orange to red to pink and gone…
the pink fluffs turn to orange and peach and dark
while the jet leaves a fluffy trail
across the skyline
with every setting sun
my heart deepens, darkens, saddens…
what brings me back
is the hope
for a better tomorrow.

*Rikshu diaries*

People are crazy about a lot different things and i am crazy about rikshaws. I just love that little thing. The new green CNG rickshaws are what i simply LOVE… may sound crazzy.. but thats how it is…I dont have enough money to buy a car but i would love to buy a rickshaw till i manage money for a car.
Somebody…. gift me a green CNG rickshu…or else i shall wait till i have the money intact. Oh and i have ideas to make it into a personalized car…
Here’s a red rickshaw i found online…

Check check checkkk…