Sparkly 25!

Long over due blog post.. been sitting in my drafts.

Heres to 25 years of awesomsauce!

I’m all sparkly and happy and content in the heart. Big Big Alhamdolillah! So yeah.. it’s a milestone.silver jubilee. Silver..chaandi..sparkly..starry. *dreamy-eyes* Birthday wishes started pouring in from 11:30pm as the phone rang and I see Choti calling to wish me. She was sleepy and just couldn’t stay up for another half an hour 😉 and in another 20 mins or so… I was 25! Baba sang the birthday song and together Ammi and Baba showered me with duas and love. Thoroughly missed saad at midnight as he was stuck with projects at school.

The day started with Ada’s call from Dubai. It was a beautiful cloudy morning, one of those mornings when u wish it were a holiday and you’d hit the beach and chill. The day went by great. There was some work piled up from last week, since I was mentally exhausted with the opening of ‘Handmade’. Amidst of phone calls and responding to msgs I finished all the work too. You know…. birthdays bring in awesome energy! 😀

My students from 2nd year surprised me with a cake and flowers and a LOUD birthday wish. I love these girls. They were all giggly and happy and excited and I was just a little bit more of ALL of that. Alhamdolillah. It’s a good feeling to be loved by your own students. Rushed back to the office to see my Indus family Immi, wardha, Kamran and Umer ready with the nandos cake and lunch 🙂 Theres something about the nandos cake. Its justtt.. umm. Plain SCRUMPTIOUS! 😀 [yes that’s a BIG smile]. So we cut the cake, called the final years students to join in 😀

Choti came with yellow and white flowers[LOVE] and bravo cookies and mousse cake. Just for the record a lil funny story regarding the mousse cake now. I opened the box, clearly didn’t see that it was mousse cake, closed the box thinking, I’ll have it later. Later never came. Got home and put it in the fridge. Opened the box post midnight to see a scrumptious disaster in a box *laughs* Love you Choti!

Met S at Dunkin after school for a bit. Hit nandos for a quick peri-bites and cake celebration. Met Mimi and my handsome kaaklu. Hit home. Aqsa and Bhai came over with flowers and ferrerro’s 🙂 Ohkay in all this chaos my Saaday was missing and that didn’t make me happy. We were almost abt to cut the cake at home when I said, I want saad to be here. And bhai said, lets go to Indus and surprise saad. Yes we’re all crazy adventurous freaks. So we packed a picnic basket and reached school.

ALL the boys including the twins, Family, Mimi n Kaaklu and S were there. Missing were Ada-Mayg.api and the girls, Buddy m + hero and the
clan. I missed buddy m, hero and the clan the most when we decided to do the OYE! *heart-melt moment* We had a little party and the boys got back to
work and we left for home.

The day went by great *Big Alhamdolillah*. Duas from the multiple sets of parents in my life. Love from friends and people around workplace and otherwise. Whattta sparkly happy 25th! =D *BIG Alhamdolillah*

PS:Special mention: 100 points for originality to S. You truly made my day –Hello kitty and BamBam.


Dear Today, You were Awesome!

The mental alarm rang before the phone alarm. I was up before time. A little sleepy, a lot tired.. That’s how I felt but there were good vibes about today. Happy vibes – a little weird since it was a Monday. Usually Mondays are hectic and tiring and boring and loaded with work.

So I started the day with a session with Naaan. I walk up the stairs missing all the good times I’ve had on campus as a student and how carefree student life is… brain waves…10 mins later sidra walks up the stairs and she hands me flowers. “Miss these are for you”. Heart-melt moment. That was a sweet gesture and considering the fact that I LOVE flowers. She clearly made my day at 9:15am. Good happy vibes UHU-ed for the day babehh!! 😀 I made a vase for the flowers and they sat on my table in front of my eyes the whole day *blissful* they were a pink and 2 white flowers. I’m no pink fan but yes I loved that pink flower (boo: NO I be NO Barbie)

I ran around happy, working. A lil while later Mariam comes in with kitkats. I mean what IS happening today. Ohkay so mariam and I had a deal and she owed me kitkats. Yes I like kitkats 😀 so today was the fortunate day when I got kitkats too. Sweet of her, she packed them nicely, doodled on a card and attached it with it. That made my day too. 10:30am Check!!

I had confirmed A that I’ll buy the tripod she was selling. I had plans of picking it over the weekend but she had a busy Sunday. She called and said that she can drop by Indus to hand over the Tripod. Hell yea! I got the tripod too. Allah Mian, yeh kyaa hora hai. So many khushiyaan! Alhamdolillah.

On Red day me and a student talked about love-day being everyday and that even f she wanted to give me something she would do it any other day and NOT on Valentine’s Day. I loved her that instant. We thought on the same lines. So Zahra comes in with an envelope and that she wrote me a not-so-love-letter. Cutie! That was a funny letter. Love u Zahra ❤

Got a Chance to have a chat with Choti after a looooong time. School bonding sessions are just different. Love u Choti. I come back to my cubicle and I see a ‘heart shaped’ bookmark stick from Khadija. I mean these girls just made my day complete.

Today was just different. It was an Awesome day.
Thankyou Allah Mian 😀

A very happy 24th :)

The clock struck 11:45 pm and my most fantabulous birthday started with Buddy M’s call. This year round i didnt pre-plan my day. I just wanted to play along and enjoy every moment spontaneously and i cant thank enough Allah mian for giving me such a wonderful day with a zillion little big amazing memories to cherish for a life time. Alhamdolillah! Blessed i be 🙂

M’s shaadi week started. Amidst of her dholki madness i recieved birthday wishes via call and msgs and hugs. My friends around me singing ‘jungle mein mangal teray he dam say..kisnay yeh shor machayaa hai.. salgirah ka din aaya hai..’ what fun!!!

Birthday being on a week day has its own charm, though a birthday weekend is what one wishes for. The day started absolutely well, with special heart-warming prayers form all the loving elderlies at workplace. Hugs and love from the colleagues. A huge surprise from Ammi who teamed up with my students and got cake, flowers and balloons at school. Love her for being such a loving young-at-heart kinda mom. My final year students who were my first lot whom i taught, got a cake and flowers 🙂 My current students, the 2nd years got a scrumptious chocolate cake and some more flowers too! Later i got to know that they had been planning for it since friday. Sweet kids.

Tim and Zaid came to wish me at workplace, we re-lived old thesis times. Its such a great feeling to be loved by SO many people altogether. Never felt the same before. The day went by busy with work and chaos. The most special 10 mins were spent with choti at the end of the day. Made a surprise visit to nani’s, she was happy beyond limits 😀

Later at home, Bhai and Ayezu came for a surprise visit which i actually ruined (unintentionally). I reached home and saw Bhai waiting for Ayezu at the gate *cuties*. Cut the cake with them. The cake read ‘Happy Birthday Api’. Buddy M made a special appearance later at night! All in all, It was a great great birthday to treasure for life. 4 cakes on the 24th 😀 A special celebration with C and S followed the next day!

Got a call from Mahnoor, cutie. Waiting for the card she made for me.

They say that its hard to find people who love you, care for you. I musst say am truly blessed to have SO many people loving me. Alhamdolillah! Thanks to everyone who made my 24th very special!! 🙂

Special thanx to Ammi, Baba, Ada, Mayg api, Mahnoor, Saad, Mate, Shammy, Choti, The Twins, buddy m, Hero, Bhaiyyu, Buddy M, Ayezu, Eefa and everyone who called and made my day! Love.


|a million little pieces|

-At the moment, nothing makes sense.
-Life is busy and hectic and tiring but good.
-I’ve pulled an all nighter lately, where I’ve found myself snuggled in my blanket thinking about ALL the wonderful things in life that I’ve achieved and yet HAVE to achieve.
-Too many ideas, very little time.
-Life’s short, doodle it.
-Am finding only that little of time and my brain to read just a chapter a day from this book I’m reading these days.
-My phone has almost 2000 msgs in the inbox.
-AD and Shammy are crazy.
-January 2010 – I baked 3 times and doodled on the cakes/cupcakes
-Party 2009 will surely be alive forever. Thanx Moh! U made my day!
-I climb 8 floors of my apartment building atleast once, everyday. (read: once at the least)
-I’ve started to like my hair in form of a braid.
-I’m trying to have loads of water
-My fairy lights switched ON give my room the perfect mood needed to ‘think’
-I’ve been made to listen to alternative rock and I happily say, I love the genre *kabhi kabhi*
-Passport sized photographs- I dislike!
-I don’t use the word ‘Hate’. I say it’s a strong word to use.
-I will never say NO to Mr Burger bonding.
-My 4 year old niece cried before leaving for dxb, because she wanted me to go with her. It bought tears to my eyes too. Love you Mahnoor *hugs*
-Full moons, they’re beautiful but they make me sad.
-Workplace is full of entertainment these days. Good fun. Works best!
-I have 11 unseen movies sitting in front of me and staring in my face
-Peri bites are YUM!
-Flowers and balloons make me happy, like REALLY happy.
-Hopefully from April I’ll start working on ‘Operation Duck Tape’
-I realize it’s the ‘small’ things in life that make up for a crappy day.
-I promised myself, I will NOT visit any DSLR related websites till I have the money to buy one.
-We’re thousands of miles apart but we share the stars every night.
-I like real smiley faces =)

TGIF- not yet :|


Being one of those who dont get ill, sick, beemar, cranky, whiny, headachey… EVER!

Having fever, feeling shivery and headachey is onething ALIEN to me and when that happens… I feel bothered, upset and useless. I requote this, ‘I “on a very serious note” AVOID medicines’

I am just wanting this week to end, so basically i cannot handle being unwell. I hate the feeling. but i still manage to pull through, maybe not with my usual smile but yes a smile :]

I pull through because of my friends being my side, friends who are genuinely concered. Pushing me to have medicines and if i say yes, I will obey. Soo… Blessed i be to have the best of people around me.

Ps: I love flowers. Yesterday i felt like being surrounded by flowers or even ONE flower… soo i got myself flowers. Feels good to do things for yourself(sometimes).


Random 25092009

•I miss nana the most
•And ada too…
•Prayers give me satisfaction
•I strive for the best and mostly get where I want to(i be lucky)
•You are an art creative when u have UHU(glue tube) in your handbag and no lip-gloss or Kajal for that matter.
•I’ve seen Ice age 1 and 3, 2 still remains in the unseen movies.
•Ramzan passed by reaaaaal quick, alhamdolillah
•I love the jhoola.
•Group hugs? Anytime!
•Khwab adhooray sahi, khwab saharay toh hain!!!!
•I love flowers
•In the past 2 weeks, I received 2 personalized cd’s with songs for me. Bhai(rahat) and choti. thanx =)
•I say I am blessed with the best of friends, are you?
•I love making people happy.
•There are just a few people who know exactly whats going on.
•I recently dropped my phone in sheer-khurma and it survived the dive 😉 Phew, Alhamdolillah
•I have just one black bangle left from my India trip. Somebodyy… get me the same ones…
•I wish to wake up in a room full of balloons someday.
•…I feel your whisper, across the sea.
•Cold coffee at -7 star- has become the latest pleasure 😀
•I like personalized presents, even if it’s a random little handwritten note.
•I’ll spend money on rings not clothes
•Funnily ouch-ed; Fouched*
•Pink is Not me yet it suits me the best!
•Ammi’s are the Best!
•I workout at night
•I *on a serious note* AVOID medicines.
•I wish I could give reall *jkj*’s everyday =)
•Iktara isss the chinngum song at the moment.
•And I guess Bus..Tonight I MUST sleep before my eyes disappear from my face.
•I say life’s good!!!!

*…of orchids and butterflies*


This is a dead butterfly,crisp and beautiful. One of My students had this butterfly as their source of inspiration for a tie dyed dupatta. Wonderful Colors and patterns.

What amazing things nature brings to us. I remember from my recent trip to Thailand, We made a trip to the butterfly and orchid garden in Chiang Mai. This place had a variety of orchids set in a plantation like surrounding where the butterflies flew around freely, and they were fed pineapples. It was heavenly.

orchids and butterfly