Art Lootmar II – T2f

Art Lootmar II, happened on the 18th and 19th of June 2011. It was an event I was looking forward to. Had always been part of T2f(The second floor) virtually so was excited to be part of this exhibit amongst 12 other young artists. I was participating with my work from Ghazal Pirzada Creeative Studios. There was Anam Haleem(a friend and brother), Friends from Kaghaz kay karnamay, Mahin and the Ayesha’s from the Indus clan and a few others part of the troop. The first day went by great! With friends, family, colleagues and other artists from the community visiting, the highlight was Haider Ali’s live demo on his Truck Art paintings. The evening went by fast and I left for home happy and very satisfied with my participation at the Art Lootmar II at T2f.

The second day which was a Sunday, the show was open from 12pm onwards. We(me, S and Anam) decided to go in the evening. We reached around 6 and were to leave around 9 after pack up. It was the last day for the exhibit. We sat and chatted. T2f has a very comfortable and casual setting to it. We sat on the floor,resting on the bricked pillars, clicking pictures. I got a message from R(another brother) that if we were at T2f and that he was dropping by. It was around 8 when he and 2 friends walked in. After greeting them, they saw my work… Anams work and were now on a round to check other artists work while S and A went out for a smoke break saying.. we’ll be back in a bit.

With all the good, came in the bad.

I clicked a picture of R and Y, while they checked out Uth Oye! shirts and asked which one was better. The next thing I hear is this armed guy telling me ‘aap camera wali madam, neechay hojain’. My first thought, who the hell are YOU!? then I was pulled away by someone and I heard someone saying ‘these are thieves, sit down’ :!

There were around 30 or so people at T2f that instance including artists and the staff at T2f. We were all asked to sit down in a corner. Apparently there were 4 men and out of which 2 were armed. Where I sat, the pillar was right in front of me so all I saw was 1 guy pointing his gun on us on and off asking for everything we had. Phones, wallets, watches etc. Most people had their laptops and DSLR’s with them like I had mine in my hand. When I sat down, a zillion thoughts came to my mind while I prayed Ayat-ul-kursi. I started going numb, arms raised and my heart pounding as if it were about to burst.

I dont know how my reflexes worked, with my hands trembling I covered my DSLR with a few magazines that were placed on a low table right in front of me, put my hand in my kurta pocket and switched my phone off. We were told to look to the floor and NOT look up and if any of us played smart, they’d kill us. There was silence and a thumping heart beat and my own lips whispering Ayat-ul-kursi. While I had my eyes to the floor, I saw a laptop right in front of me. I picked a few more magazines and covered the laptop too, a zillion thoughts rushing through the brain. I look up, I see Anam to my left. We share a glance and a feeling of helplessness. Right ahead I see R, he was trembling and reciting too. I look at Anam again and I whisper, ‘S and A are outside’. I kept praying that they dont come in since the looters were all set to leave, after collecting everybody’s valuables. I look towards the door and I see them walking in. S looked at me and figured what was happening, and there! Their phone and wallets gone too.

7 minutes seemed like 80 years. The guy held his gun up and asked all of us to lie down, heads down and said, if anyone of us tried to move before they left they’ll shoot us. The moment froze. I heard the door close and their was chaos. Everyone got up, helping others around, hugging each other, Thanking Allah Mian that all of us were left unharmed, after all we were all in an enclosed space. Anything could have happened, like anything!!! We ALL sure must have done at least some good in life that Allah Mian saved us *Shukar Alhamdolillah* I looked for my bag which was placed at the bookshelf behind my stall. I found it on the floor, empty. My wallet was gone with cash and bank cards etc. Most of all, we all were alive. The next thing was to leave the venue and get home straight since there was no cash with anyone to even have food.

My hearts still thumping, it was a traumatic experience. What killed me and everyone else was the feeling of being helpless. The guys were armed. Nothing is larger than life itself. Alhamdolillah, I saved my camera and phone but lost the feeling of freedom that was left in me. I’m recovering fast from the shock, because of the the other 29 people who were held hostage with me. We share a bond that none other would understand. May Allah Mian protect us all and that these muggers payback a price unimaginable. Ameen.

Thanks to Sabeen Mahmud, Rabeea Arif and Mariam Bilgrami for all their support during the 2 day event and afterwards. Love to T2f!

Sparkly 25!

Long over due blog post.. been sitting in my drafts.

Heres to 25 years of awesomsauce!

I’m all sparkly and happy and content in the heart. Big Big Alhamdolillah! So yeah.. it’s a milestone.silver jubilee. Silver..chaandi..sparkly..starry. *dreamy-eyes* Birthday wishes started pouring in from 11:30pm as the phone rang and I see Choti calling to wish me. She was sleepy and just couldn’t stay up for another half an hour 😉 and in another 20 mins or so… I was 25! Baba sang the birthday song and together Ammi and Baba showered me with duas and love. Thoroughly missed saad at midnight as he was stuck with projects at school.

The day started with Ada’s call from Dubai. It was a beautiful cloudy morning, one of those mornings when u wish it were a holiday and you’d hit the beach and chill. The day went by great. There was some work piled up from last week, since I was mentally exhausted with the opening of ‘Handmade’. Amidst of phone calls and responding to msgs I finished all the work too. You know…. birthdays bring in awesome energy! 😀

My students from 2nd year surprised me with a cake and flowers and a LOUD birthday wish. I love these girls. They were all giggly and happy and excited and I was just a little bit more of ALL of that. Alhamdolillah. It’s a good feeling to be loved by your own students. Rushed back to the office to see my Indus family Immi, wardha, Kamran and Umer ready with the nandos cake and lunch 🙂 Theres something about the nandos cake. Its justtt.. umm. Plain SCRUMPTIOUS! 😀 [yes that’s a BIG smile]. So we cut the cake, called the final years students to join in 😀

Choti came with yellow and white flowers[LOVE] and bravo cookies and mousse cake. Just for the record a lil funny story regarding the mousse cake now. I opened the box, clearly didn’t see that it was mousse cake, closed the box thinking, I’ll have it later. Later never came. Got home and put it in the fridge. Opened the box post midnight to see a scrumptious disaster in a box *laughs* Love you Choti!

Met S at Dunkin after school for a bit. Hit nandos for a quick peri-bites and cake celebration. Met Mimi and my handsome kaaklu. Hit home. Aqsa and Bhai came over with flowers and ferrerro’s 🙂 Ohkay in all this chaos my Saaday was missing and that didn’t make me happy. We were almost abt to cut the cake at home when I said, I want saad to be here. And bhai said, lets go to Indus and surprise saad. Yes we’re all crazy adventurous freaks. So we packed a picnic basket and reached school.

ALL the boys including the twins, Family, Mimi n Kaaklu and S were there. Missing were Ada-Mayg.api and the girls, Buddy m + hero and the
clan. I missed buddy m, hero and the clan the most when we decided to do the OYE! *heart-melt moment* We had a little party and the boys got back to
work and we left for home.

The day went by great *Big Alhamdolillah*. Duas from the multiple sets of parents in my life. Love from friends and people around workplace and otherwise. Whattta sparkly happy 25th! =D *BIG Alhamdolillah*

PS:Special mention: 100 points for originality to S. You truly made my day –Hello kitty and BamBam.

Dear Today, You were Awesome!

The mental alarm rang before the phone alarm. I was up before time. A little sleepy, a lot tired.. That’s how I felt but there were good vibes about today. Happy vibes – a little weird since it was a Monday. Usually Mondays are hectic and tiring and boring and loaded with work.

So I started the day with a session with Naaan. I walk up the stairs missing all the good times I’ve had on campus as a student and how carefree student life is… brain waves…10 mins later sidra walks up the stairs and she hands me flowers. “Miss these are for you”. Heart-melt moment. That was a sweet gesture and considering the fact that I LOVE flowers. She clearly made my day at 9:15am. Good happy vibes UHU-ed for the day babehh!! 😀 I made a vase for the flowers and they sat on my table in front of my eyes the whole day *blissful* they were a pink and 2 white flowers. I’m no pink fan but yes I loved that pink flower (boo: NO I be NO Barbie)

I ran around happy, working. A lil while later Mariam comes in with kitkats. I mean what IS happening today. Ohkay so mariam and I had a deal and she owed me kitkats. Yes I like kitkats 😀 so today was the fortunate day when I got kitkats too. Sweet of her, she packed them nicely, doodled on a card and attached it with it. That made my day too. 10:30am Check!!

I had confirmed A that I’ll buy the tripod she was selling. I had plans of picking it over the weekend but she had a busy Sunday. She called and said that she can drop by Indus to hand over the Tripod. Hell yea! I got the tripod too. Allah Mian, yeh kyaa hora hai. So many khushiyaan! Alhamdolillah.

On Red day me and a student talked about love-day being everyday and that even f she wanted to give me something she would do it any other day and NOT on Valentine’s Day. I loved her that instant. We thought on the same lines. So Zahra comes in with an envelope and that she wrote me a not-so-love-letter. Cutie! That was a funny letter. Love u Zahra ❤

Got a Chance to have a chat with Choti after a looooong time. School bonding sessions are just different. Love u Choti. I come back to my cubicle and I see a ‘heart shaped’ bookmark stick from Khadija. I mean these girls just made my day complete.

Today was just different. It was an Awesome day.
Thankyou Allah Mian 😀

Happy cookies =)

12:00am: Kya aaj aapki birthday hai?? Shayad.
1:00am: Kya aaj aapki birthday hai?? ummm Shayad.
10:00pm: Kya aaj aapki birthday hai?? Haaaaaaaaannnn 😀
*Phew shukkar*

SO many years of awesomeness! Mashallah!

An ode to a wonderful year spent with a few(not too few but chalta hai) glitches and toughies. midnight 4am craziness.Travelling.surprises.skittles.
Happiness.concerts.subway.13AM.crazy MC days.even crazier baboon days.cakes n cookies.
Coffee and chai.Roasters bonding.heart-to-hearts.special friday prayers.regular other prayers.
Rooftopping.Camera shopping.the DSLR’s in our lives!*big smile* the THAT and THAT 😛
Munni and sheila and there came Tarzan and jane.MJ and the flushed peace*sigh*
The stars and fireworks.loo stories.kachaaay cookies.sharing chocolates and so much more.

Heres to wishing you a very very ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’. May Allah mian make this year the mossssst beautiful year of your life everything-wise. Ameen.
Allah Mian will hear us out..theres something very very special in stock for you. Trust me! 🙂

Lots of prayers your way and the special most *f.jkj*

2011.. already?

This new years eve.. i didnt do anything “exciting” at all. I sat outside.. rooftopped a little while.. then was told by a dear friend that it wouldnt be safe to stay outside with flying bullets around.. so i came back in. I wasnt excited.. i had a rush of thoughts that came to my mind. Questions that needed answers. I thought to myself.. another year passed..did i achieve much? or for that matter did i achieve anything at all?

Well 2010 was very happening. With good and beautiful things came in the bad and ugly!

The year started off happy with a goal to save money. This had to be the year of savings. Work life got busy. SAARC mela.Thanking Allah mian. I admired things around me. Gave them attention. My 24th birthday was celebrated several times in the most special manner with my most special people. MJ and the flushed peace! India trip- a trip of a lifetime with the students. Delhi and Kolkatta! More travelling. Thar. Independent teaching and travelling. more responsibility. Got my own domain as a birthday present. 13AM. The rooftop became more special. Its become my escapade now. Some chinngum songs. Did a very special project for Photographics.The Summer break. Bonding. Endless chai and coffee sessions, popcorns. chairman mao. Half the year went by quick.

The 2nd half literally RAN as if it were in a race to get to the finish line…the finish line of 2010. Some friends got engaged.. some married.. some broke up. All these stories around me made me a stronger person. My faith high..Thankyou Allah mian. Someone elses happiness was bound to become my own… endless hugs. love. new friends…friends becoming close friends.. close friends becoming closer..sisterly bonds increasing. Saxaphone and the post midnight crackpottiness. My new phone. Nokia 6760. My goal- resolution for 2010 was to get myself a DSLR and i did. 2010 did turn out to be the year of savings. Alhamdolillah.

Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios taking a new dimension for the world. Facebook page, exhibitions. Sparkles. Allah mians plan for me. My endless special prayers and continuous series of questions. good times. bad times. arguments and fights. Swallowing down anger.. trying to be a better person and succeeding as well. More people walking in and less people walking out =) Being best friends with mahnoor and enjoying mehru’s childhood. Photographing. PS and AI courses and scoring the highest! Well Yes.. lots of achievements. My first batch of students.. graduated with tears of joy! Random people praising my efforts and acknowledging me. The feeling of being blessed and praying for everyones behtari.

Its been a roller coaster ride..lots of memories to treasure for life… good and bad.
2011 came just too early. Allah mian make this year the best of years for me
and accept all those special prayers i make for them special people in my life.

Raah Pay Kante Bikhre agar, Uspay to phir bhi chalna he hai,
Shaam Chhupalay Suraj magar, Raat ko ek din Dhalna he hai,
Rut ye tal jayegi, Himmat rang layegi,
Subha phir aayegi

2011! u better be good.

Save more money. Bring the gullak to good use!
Be a better person.

Hello December!

So i feel that time flew this year on because it went by great(well yeah mosst of it) and i am very very thankful for it! Alhamdolillah

-I miss Ada very much. He’s been crazy busy with work and we hardly get to talk. But ada.. u musst know that i’m praying for you all the time.
-I did conquer the world when i bought the long awaited Canon D550. Thoroughly enjoying it but its been crazy otherwise that i still havent explored it inside out.. but will do soon.
-Winter break coming up! weeeeeeeehoo!!!
-3 years at workplace will be complete as soon as semester ends. Inshallah.
-My first batch of students-friends-juniors graduate in a weeks time 🙂
-This convocation will be very special, Munim and sheeraz graduate! *blessed*
-I love winters because u can cozy up though i get the coldest fingers and toes *dangerous*
-Need to do some serious sockies shopping
-Celebrated Mehr’s 1st birthday. It was an awesome idea for Mayg api and the kids to drop by. Missed Ada like crazy.
-Mahnoor and I continue being the best of friends 😀
– Lifes on a roll and i’m loving every bit of it.
-Nani is doing a lot better. Alhamdolillah.
-Baba ammi visiting makes our home complete.
-The ‘achi choti cheez’ bought in lots of laughter
-Alumni show coming up in a week! 😀
Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios has 436 fans as of today. Its a great feeling, random people appreciating your work, ordering and coming back with a bunch of happy stories. BIG alhamdolillah 😀
-Illustrator and Photoshop courses ended yesterday. Great learning. Need lots of practice =)
-Friends have been close where random acquaintances became friends.
-Choti has a printmaking minor and its been long since we had a balcony session. Feels like a part of me is missing.
-Ayezu got married a few days back. Mashallah she made a gorgeous bride.
-Its a great feeling when friends randomly msg saying i made their day. Its a happy feeling.
-I am soooo thankful for these special people around me..they make my life complete.
Allah Mian, I am still curious about the plan. With the year almost coming to an end.. Am all ready and heads on for 2011! Inshallah.
But but.. Whats the plann?? =D

Allah Mian, Whats the plan?

Allah Mian is always good to us, someway or the other. He has a plan for everyone and it IS a good plan. Well yea, most of the times I am convinced. There are some parts of your life that you thoroughly enjoy, while some suck the fun out of it; some very tough and some sail by smooth. Some parts make you strong, stronger than before while some come back and worry you. Some parts of your life are like candies, they taste well and then they vanish. Some parts you never imagine them to be like the way they are while some make you the person you are.
There have been several parts of my life that made me the person that I am. I became stronger than before, more confident, independent and devoted. I became happier as a person. My faith went high. I became more n more patient. I thanked Allah mian for every little thing He gave me. Loving parents, two precious brothers, a sister-like bhabi, 2 beautiful nieces, an awesome bunch of friends, S, Choti – a sister I always wished for, a satisfying job, a running business and lots more.
There are times when I want things to happen there n then. I become impatient. I want to know whats ahead of me, but then knowing whats ahead of me will kill the fun. While there are times I become all strong only because that would be the best option and later things come back rolling pulling me back in the den.
Yesterday was just great. Other than me being tired and running around all day, what made me happy was to meet old friends, having the precious one around to help and just be there. Choti’s firefly becoming a hit (Alhamdolillah), scrutinizing a camera which will become our property soon Inshallah. Dinner with the crazy clan and chai back home.
Things are good.
But but Allah Mian, I have a question.

Whats the plan??

Crapotomania :P – 13062010

Of a weirdly crappy sunday. I woke up at 9am as my phone beeped a msg from H that R’s cousin was kidnapped and murdered. Too shocking a news to be woken up with. I layed in bed straight, eyes wide open, random thoughts passing by me. Why? kidnapped? murdered? Why? what abt the family? relatives? What exactly happened. Still dont know any details yet. May Allah mian give the family sabr. Ameen.

Ohkayyy.. so on a lighter note. I made a trip to Khairpur with the final years students who are all weaving majors. It was a fun filled work trip. They had to work on a project with an NGO that served as internship. I was away for 4 days. It wasnt as hot as we thought it would be, thanx to the Phet that brought us rains and then ran away(alhamdolillah). The trip went by great, mentally tiring for me. It sure is a big responsibilty taking 10 students mostly girls to the villages in interior sindh.

Travelling with girls is wayyy different, specially when we all share a huge room which has LOTS of lizzards.. yes yes you hear me right… Lizzards are creepy..So i killed 2 lizzards to avoid sleepless nights for the girls. Everybody laughed there heads off. Then the crazy streak hit me reaaaalllllyyy hard! I took some masking tape and stuck the lizzard to it….the girls screamed and laughed and jumped on the beds here and there. Later we decided we go and bug O in the boys room and it turned out that he’s scared of lizzards more than the girls were. Dayem!!!! Stuck the tape to his laptop with the lizzard stuck to it ofcourse!!! Muahahahaa…
It was funny, he jumped off the bed and locked himself in the bathroom and we all had a laughing fit. *sigh*
*after i narrated the story to AD, He said: bhahahahah now thats the spirit!! =D we you me amy n shammy belong together i tell you =D*

Later we sat outside in the garden, sang songs. Made friends with 2 foriegners, one of them being a cyclist from Europe. I stargazed. Yet again, khairpur takes the lead when it comes to stars. They were So mannyyy of them. Loved it.All in all the trip was very informative. Got to meet baba in the process.

Am craving a real rooftop session, h2h wala! Inshallah soon i guess.
Headache musst go away.

Thought of the week: Please insert a colon P > =P so that it doesnt sound offensive!!!!
Happy thought: got a swing fixed at the rooftop. What good Summer fun!!!
Wheeeeeeeeeeee =)

Life’s a watermelon?

Pappi: water melon
Timmi: Kaddu
Pappi: ure as fresh as a watermelon
Pappi: is it weird that i made the connotation?:S
Timmi: umm… you’re as cute as a kaddu?
Timmi: is it even weird that i did too
Pappi: … kaddu loves watermelon
Timmi: watermelons blush
Pappi: awwww… from the inside
Pappi: hahahahahaha
Timmi: umm… umm from the outside too? :$
Pappi: no.. patterned from outside
Timmi: but atleast they blush from the heart :$
Pappi: aooouuuu .. hehehe true thaaat!

13AM-the impossible hour

Subject: 13AM-the impossible hour
Listening to: SKZ
Feeling: MOST happy and proud =)

Milestone – 19.04.2010

A very happy 24th :)

The clock struck 11:45 pm and my most fantabulous birthday started with Buddy M’s call. This year round i didnt pre-plan my day. I just wanted to play along and enjoy every moment spontaneously and i cant thank enough Allah mian for giving me such a wonderful day with a zillion little big amazing memories to cherish for a life time. Alhamdolillah! Blessed i be 🙂

M’s shaadi week started. Amidst of her dholki madness i recieved birthday wishes via call and msgs and hugs. My friends around me singing ‘jungle mein mangal teray he dam say..kisnay yeh shor machayaa hai.. salgirah ka din aaya hai..’ what fun!!!

Birthday being on a week day has its own charm, though a birthday weekend is what one wishes for. The day started absolutely well, with special heart-warming prayers form all the loving elderlies at workplace. Hugs and love from the colleagues. A huge surprise from Ammi who teamed up with my students and got cake, flowers and balloons at school. Love her for being such a loving young-at-heart kinda mom. My final year students who were my first lot whom i taught, got a cake and flowers 🙂 My current students, the 2nd years got a scrumptious chocolate cake and some more flowers too! Later i got to know that they had been planning for it since friday. Sweet kids.

Tim and Zaid came to wish me at workplace, we re-lived old thesis times. Its such a great feeling to be loved by SO many people altogether. Never felt the same before. The day went by busy with work and chaos. The most special 10 mins were spent with choti at the end of the day. Made a surprise visit to nani’s, she was happy beyond limits 😀

Later at home, Bhai and Ayezu came for a surprise visit which i actually ruined (unintentionally). I reached home and saw Bhai waiting for Ayezu at the gate *cuties*. Cut the cake with them. The cake read ‘Happy Birthday Api’. Buddy M made a special appearance later at night! All in all, It was a great great birthday to treasure for life. 4 cakes on the 24th 😀 A special celebration with C and S followed the next day!

Got a call from Mahnoor, cutie. Waiting for the card she made for me.

They say that its hard to find people who love you, care for you. I musst say am truly blessed to have SO many people loving me. Alhamdolillah! Thanks to everyone who made my 24th very special!! 🙂

Special thanx to Ammi, Baba, Ada, Mayg api, Mahnoor, Saad, Mate, Shammy, Choti, The Twins, buddy m, Hero, Bhaiyyu, Buddy M, Ayezu, Eefa and everyone who called and made my day! Love.


|a million little pieces|

-At the moment, nothing makes sense.
-Life is busy and hectic and tiring but good.
-I’ve pulled an all nighter lately, where I’ve found myself snuggled in my blanket thinking about ALL the wonderful things in life that I’ve achieved and yet HAVE to achieve.
-Too many ideas, very little time.
-Life’s short, doodle it.
-Am finding only that little of time and my brain to read just a chapter a day from this book I’m reading these days.
-My phone has almost 2000 msgs in the inbox.
-AD and Shammy are crazy.
-January 2010 – I baked 3 times and doodled on the cakes/cupcakes
-Party 2009 will surely be alive forever. Thanx Moh! U made my day!
-I climb 8 floors of my apartment building atleast once, everyday. (read: once at the least)
-I’ve started to like my hair in form of a braid.
-I’m trying to have loads of water
-My fairy lights switched ON give my room the perfect mood needed to ‘think’
-I’ve been made to listen to alternative rock and I happily say, I love the genre *kabhi kabhi*
-Passport sized photographs- I dislike!
-I don’t use the word ‘Hate’. I say it’s a strong word to use.
-I will never say NO to Mr Burger bonding.
-My 4 year old niece cried before leaving for dxb, because she wanted me to go with her. It bought tears to my eyes too. Love you Mahnoor *hugs*
-Full moons, they’re beautiful but they make me sad.
-Workplace is full of entertainment these days. Good fun. Works best!
-I have 11 unseen movies sitting in front of me and staring in my face
-Peri bites are YUM!
-Flowers and balloons make me happy, like REALLY happy.
-Hopefully from April I’ll start working on ‘Operation Duck Tape’
-I realize it’s the ‘small’ things in life that make up for a crappy day.
-I promised myself, I will NOT visit any DSLR related websites till I have the money to buy one.
-We’re thousands of miles apart but we share the stars every night.
-I like real smiley faces =)


At times one needs just ‘one’ friend to spend quality time with.

o. Plan to go for a movie with a friend on a saturday and for the next 2 hours you end up at a nearby mall because the house full saturday was just NOT for you. Nonetheless, time well spent with some book shopping and bonding, rare of its kind.
o. A friend comes over and with them you inaugurate the new frother you got. With lots of fun and LOTS of things to talk about, you LEARN how to use the frother.
o. The ‘smiley face’ and the ‘starry night’ meet.
o. Just 10 mins of a heart to heart session at workplace with C can make my day.
o. A very old friend, back from college calls just to ask how i am doing. Feels great. Thanx AK.
o. Making new friends has never been difficult for me but most of them just wipe their feet away and leave. I hope this new friend stays.
o. Mothers can be your best friends IF you give them a chance.
o. There are just a few people i can REALLY call friends and i absolutely LOVE all of them!

Blessed i be =)

Happy Hatchday-02.01.2010

CHEERS to the best of rooftopping sessions, chai, coffee, popcorns, mars upclose, voice of the dying horse, quaack quaaaacks, baatien, baatien and more baatien, jootay, jurmana’s, T-words, S-words, paali baby moments, the various countless memorable moments and the best friend in you i’ve found =)

Cheers to all the good times 2009 brought us to cherish for life and a huge BRING IT ON 😉 to the year 2010.

Heres to wishing you a wonderful ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ and an amazing year ahead. May it all work out for you, for the better and the best. Ameen.

Lots of prayers your way and GP’s Special *jkj*

Happy 2010!

So yea..Its flashback time, a little*just a little* late but yea… for the record.

The Year 2009, the year when life changed for the better, bigger experiences came in, a lot of laughter and happiness revailed, new members in the family were inducted, new friends were made for life, bonding sessions that meant the most and will last forever =)

Looking back, it all started great Alhamdolillah. I was soooo looking forward to 2009 with faith high, up in the sky. Saad started FY at Indus and with it my 2nd year at work started, Abida Parveen- Live in concert, largest event at Indus organized, 23rd birthday, first International trip as faculty to ‘Thailand’ with my best friends as students, early april Dadi passed away, Basant happened at school and later came an opportunity to manage a band, joined [NO IDEA] as manager for 6 months, New friends came into being; Boo, AD and Amy, Choti’s birthday happened which was magical for her =)

Pakistan sign language(PSL) certification, lots of cake treats and bonding sessions, Sidrah got married, doodling came into existence for me, roof-topping, chocolates, more photography, one on one with Allah Mian, admiring the sunsets more, starry nights and casanova Mr Chand Mian, voice of the dying horse… trips back home, gullak money, birthdays made special, hero-Buddy M-Best friend, my junior lot-best friends-hero and buddy M gang graduated, -‘Dost’- happened, I became Phupo once again to a beautiful niece ‘Mehr Fatima’, also became Khala to my handsome nephew ‘Raaif’, Bibi passed away(no more dua wali candies) but lots of prayers remained, Maria got nikahofied, heart to heart sessions, photography competitions, barbies, Alumni show, found my ‘Real Unbiological Sister’ this year, prayed more, hopes were high, faith was higher, ended with a full moon and a happy person photo shoot with chotaaay.

All in all, a fantastic-happening-happy-year, Welcoming the new year with open arms with prayers and faith n patience to cope up with all the tough times life has to offer and cherish all the good times for years to come. Inshallah. Ameen.

Happy 2010 folks!

Resolution 2010:
-be a better person
-get DSLR =)

TGIF- not yet :|


Being one of those who dont get ill, sick, beemar, cranky, whiny, headachey… EVER!

Having fever, feeling shivery and headachey is onething ALIEN to me and when that happens… I feel bothered, upset and useless. I requote this, ‘I “on a very serious note” AVOID medicines’

I am just wanting this week to end, so basically i cannot handle being unwell. I hate the feeling. but i still manage to pull through, maybe not with my usual smile but yes a smile :]

I pull through because of my friends being my side, friends who are genuinely concered. Pushing me to have medicines and if i say yes, I will obey. Soo… Blessed i be to have the best of people around me.

Ps: I love flowers. Yesterday i felt like being surrounded by flowers or even ONE flower… soo i got myself flowers. Feels good to do things for yourself(sometimes).

*Realization 05102009*

Though am reallly Happy to be on the giving end Most of the time, BUT its an absolutely amazing feeling to be on the receiving end once in a while =)

*The word not to be worded; is worded*

I sayyy… Life is Good… after all my faith is high, UP in the sky; Where the beautiful Mr Chand Khan resides 🙂
Thank You Allah Mian *sigh*

*being there…*


“True friendship isn’t about being there when it’s convenient; it’s about being there when it’s not.”

What is -being there- all about? Being there for someone when they need you? How do u know they need you? Why would you be there for them?Damn, Thats just too many questions :$

For me, its ALL about ‘being there’ for my people, my friends.

Be it just being there to hear ’em out or be it exchanging chocolates(Twix-hersheys) or be it by sharing an OWL mode night or be it to help over a deadly submission or just be there to hear them scream over how crappy life is and things are just not going to happen. Being there also means to provide a shoulder to cry on or even giving a faithful boost. Be it messaging a menu for a zillion kinds of kabab rolls so that you could order food before you collapse after a hectic-crazy-sleepless-crack.potty-mode! Its all about being there for your people.

Its ALSO about being there to make people happy, be there for them when they most need you physically or mentally, or emotionally or message-ly. How just one message on your cellphone could make your day just because a friend has been there for you. Being there in times of despair, sickness. Being there to make them tea as they want it to be. Being there when they have mood swings(bad ones). Be there to cheer ’em up and bring them back their Faith! Being there to remind them about how beautiful this life is and maybe a little patience would make things seem better. Be there to pray for them, their life, their sifarish*, their betterment. Be there to wake them up so that they don’t get late for their morning routine. Compromise on things and be there…
Sigh.. just be there…

Fall on me
Tell me everything you want me to be
Forever with you
Forever in me
Ever the same

*The Unbiological Sister*

G* says:L!
V says:?
G* says:L for loser
G* says:L for lover
G* says:L for Lame
V says:rite now i feel like a loser
G* says:L for Lamb of god..
G* says:L for larki..
G* says:C for Choti!
G* says: =)
V says:S for stupid… L for loving…
V says:S for L
V says:Stupid for Loving
G* says:well…
G* says:F for Faith
G* says:A for in ‘Allah Mian!’
G* says:B for Behtari
G* says:D for DUA!
G* says:H for Hug…
G* says:that toooo a big tight one
V says: yaar… rulao nahi

*Allah Mian*

Copy of x 266

The power i call ‘Allah Mian’.
There are days when i pray and i get goosebumps because i know there are things that sound unrealistic yet i pray for them knowing that atleast allah mian is listening. I feel connected praying and asking for things i dont have, my friends ask me to pray for and the BEST part is that when i see the reward of my prayers right in front of me.
I pray for a certain thing for a friend and receive a msg saying, its done. Gives me such a wonderful feeling of being content, satisfied and happy.
Allah mian, with this note, i thank you for being there always.
Am keeping up with the prayers, you keep up with the rewards. Make things happen; for the better.

After sooooo many days genuinely i am *happy and satisfied*. I really had a strong feeling that the ‘car’ will happen today. Am sooo glad it did. Yay!!! Mazzaaay!!!

Happy Ramadan everyone. Keep the prayers rolling 🙂

*the voice of the dying horse*

All in the name of good humor, me and the ‘drrrum it’ friend S, laugh our heads off when we talk about mohd ali and zeba(shabbo style) of our very own Pakistani film industry. S, so rightly put it saying this dialogue, ‘‘shaboooo’’ *inserting this- the voice of a dying horse*
And I crack up, another LOL moment happens.

I don’t do justice to the moment when I write this, but Filmazia is become a true entertainment league for me this summer… all in the name of good humor my friend, all in the name of good humor!!!

*blessed to have you S (tiger mirchee)*

*The right people??*

Life is all about meeting the right people, said FG.

Right people??
Who are these right people?? Are they the ones, you like? Or the ones you would want to like? Or the ones who like you? Or maybe someothers?

Life’s been good Allah ka shukr. Hectic and busy, but that’s all part of the game called LIFE. Semester ended yesterday and I’m sitting here, hugging the holidays and planning things out that are kept untouched and marked ‘to do in the summer break’. Need to plan an exhibition with friends, PSL(Pakistani sign language for the hearing impaired) is on my list, a quick trip to sukkur, Revamp my bedroom (that includes painting the walls)*excited*, have a few weddings to attend and be back at work, 3rd week July.

Am doing a few projects simultaneously and a few I dont even know about and friends make me realize that I did this and that and it really made some1 change their perspective towards LIFE. Woah.. now that’s an achievement I guess.

High on learning, admiring, realizing, planning and hoping to execute, welcoming new friends in the circle, Ad and Amy.
I have met the right people. Alhamdolillah.

High on happy living…wohoooo….

realization 01062009

Off a drumming fraanship and being ‘differently alike’
Heres to a lot of good times to come.

*good friends are blessings*

DrRrrrumm Ittt!!!

Basant 2009

This year the Basant happened a little later than usual. Hard work was put in but last minute blunders went by, but the entire charm of organizing an event is to handle it both ways. In the end it was a gr8 effort put in by the Students Council ’09. Great work team.

My grandmother passed away 3 days before the event, quick trip to sukkur and back the same day of the event. The band called [NO IDEA] performed, that was the highlight of the event 🙂


SC’09, security guards, the gate, sawera guy, sound guy, Too many cranky stall aunties, Hassan(the band and i will never forget him), gate duties, friends, mate, the excited foundies, bhai all by my side always, ayezu’s hug, buddy m,hero and best friend always there for me, the jhoolay wala, BB, the heat, my tan, crazy headaches, lack of sleep, sound checks, the repeated “bus pohach raha hai dj”, [NO IDEA], new friends, amy-adeel duo, Shammy the drummer, kami, BOSS and the quiet khurram. All in all, an event to remember as always.