Oh mother!

Just a few days back we were at Punjab Chowrangi where you find these little kids with wipers which probably make the windscreen dirtier 70% of the times. Heres how it goes.

Me and Ammi see this child coming towards our car holding the wiper high indicating that we are his next clients!
I start nodding my head.. no noo Nooooo.. but didnt we know THAT never works. He starts wiping quick..

Ammi: KIS NAY KAHA THAAA (in a tone slightly louder than her usual)
The boy froze.
Ammi: keh pepsi par 5 rs kam kardo.
Me: *Puzzled* cracked up laughing
So did ammi and the young chap.

He ran to the other side cleaned the windscreen sparkly shiny and smiled….

Gotta LOVE Ammi! It was hilarious.
Alhamdolillah. We were able to bring smiles to the young chaps face.
I’ll never be able to forget his face, how he lit up.


Success in the Cookie ;)

I’ve been a master at microwave cakes and icings and stuff and missed out on the fact that i cant make Cookies because i dont have an oven. Although i was a lil sure that if my microwave can make(bake) a cake, it could make me cookies as well BUT i never got around trying them. So i got the Betty crocker’s special choco-chip cookies mixture and it sat in the kitchen cabinet for dayys…and then just yesterday i decided to try them out re-assuring myself.. that whats the worssst that can happen? It wont work out!!! or i’ll have to throw them away… money will be wasted.. and so will be time and effort and the butter bar that i specially bought for this!
I did try them out.. i think i put a lil extra butter so it went all *chippakk*anddd my hand looked as if it were covered with baby poop, oh well me and a friend did end of naming them poop biscuits, the trial and error business was just too funny. I literally had to splat the mixture on the baking dish to get rid of it from my hands.. and since the crazy crackpotty mode had hit was fun and brought in A LOT of laughter!
They turned out really yummy.

Hence proved: cookies can be made in the microwave!
YESS!!! =)