Rozay Wali Eid 2012

This year Ramzan just ran full speed. Seems like just yesterday that taraweeh started and the first sehri happened. Alhamdolillah, ramzan gone by, availed in the best possible way i could.

I made lots of prayers this ramzan, availed all the big nights*allah shukr*. Of upcoming new beginnings in life, i was bugged a lot this ramzan with ‘last ramzan at home, next year with hubby?’. It was a mix of feelings, totally looking forward to the new change in life, while i felt ammi’s voice go shaky. A random burst of emotions from the parents collectively, a t-shirt project with saad for independence day and crazy wakeup calls. This ramzan has been a big learning experience. A friends dad passed away on Jumat-ul-Widah, the last precious friday of the holy month. He was lucky enough to be buried in the holy land aka Makkah. It shook me. Ive been hearing of his health going down. May allah mian give the family sabr. Ameen.

A skype date with ada and family is a total must on Eid. With manoo and mehru jumping around in Eid attire with mehendi stories to share. Sooo much fun 🙂

The most happiest FAQ this ramzan was,’EIDI aaiygi is saal?*wink wink*’. hahahaaa… yes, the other set of parents, the inlaws bought my clothes for eid with chooriyaan and shoes. Alhamdolillah such a good feeling. Eid was different this time. Amidst running around meeting relatives, hubby-to-be came over to meet us while we went to meet the inlaws too. The bestest newest feeling, receiving Eidi from MIL and Hubby-to-be 🙂

With everyones blessings, looking forward to the big change in life 🙂
Allah mian Thankyouu, im loving this plan of yours.

Missed the rooftop the most, caught a glimpse of chand mian on Eid day 2. sigh. Good times those were. *throws confetti* just because missing good times is celebratory enough 🙂

Happily Ringed 10062012 :)

From saying YES to *smiles* to being happily ringed. One and a half months down the happy-lane of life, its been great. Alhamdolillah. From family to friends, from siblings to change in relationships. Allah mian Thankyou oh so veryyy much for everything. I understand how hard times just cross by, making us stronger way more than we ever thought. Nani, living this life to see me as a mini-bride. She was the MOST sparkly eyed person around. With Nani, the parents and parents-in-laws we exchanged rings amidst laughter, big happy smiles and friends who stood by us all happy and proud!.
A new chapter in life has begun and im totally loving this.
ps. Allah mian, im loving THIS plan of yours. You know the prayers im making, waiting for them to be answered, i know they will be when the time is right 🙂
*throws confetti*

photo credit: R|Photography

thankfully 2012!

Lifes at a total high at the moment. With Nani feeling better and my heart being content with all what I got, theres really SO much to be thankful for that I don’t think any post can do justice to it but yes for my own record. The yr 2012 is here! I say, this should be a year of change. A good change…a better change, Inshallah.

I am currently in the land of the shaykhs aka Dubai(staying at sharjah). A long awaited vacation, the best of its kind since it revolves around my nieces, M n M. Manoo has been more excited than I’d ever be for phupo coming over and sharing her room. There are countless moments in the day when I’m hugged and kissed and thanked for ‘coming to dubai and having so much fun’ and mehru lovingly follows what apa has to do so for phupo it’s a double dose of awesomeness! Alhamdolillah. Whatta precious! Thanks to Ada and Mayg Api for having me over. Its been 2 days and its awesome. A separate post would be good about the trip altogether 🙂

In other news, switched to an HTC. So yes, theres been progression. At first a qwerty and now a qwerty + touch and THAT too HTC chacha! So the phone reached me as a surprise, earlier than expected. Totally left me in awe and happy in my heart type. Allah Mian Thankyou.

Heres to welcoming 2012 with open arms, with more challenges and plans on the list. May Allah mian make them jaaiz and easy to fulfill for me. 2011 was awesome, Allah mian? So whats the plan 😀 Faith high, UP in the sky!

Happy new year ya’ll!
ps96: Happy birthday oh precious!

Worries and crispy cookies

Life is full of worries IF you’d like it to be like it! Im not saying forget them worries, because i feel you think about the issues in life and thats when you find a solution for them and make things better for yourself. Sometimes things arent in your control, nope! Somebody stole the remote control you see 😉 So, how about ignoring your worries for a while and do something without a reason? I say this without thinking twice because I did something similar.

So winter break started for me and the workaholic me refuses to take a break. Work is on my mind ALL the time. So i distracted my brain from work and caught myself walking towards the kitchen. Found my hands reaching the baking cabinet and voila! I transformed into Master Microwave Baker GP! 😀 I had to choose in between cake and cookies and the cookies won. Oatmeal choco chip cookies. Mmmhmm yummy!

Remember the first-microwave-cookies-experiment?

This time i was a pro, the new microwave was put to test and i baked cookies for no good reason. There was no special occasion but the fact that i was celebrating the beginning of my winter break! Good feeling no? So they turned out scrumptious, victory was shared with family here and on skype and on call with friends 😀 Awesomeness to the ‘next level’ as a cousin would put it!


Today, I smiled.
I smiled when i saw a smile
I smiled when I heard the song
I smiled when the winds hit my face
When my ponytail flew with the wind
I shut my eyes and took a deep breath
With my eyes closed, I smiled big
I smiled when I saw stars
I smiled when my hands got cold
And warmth touched me
I smiled when the car took a U turn
I smiled big and satisfied.
Alhamdolillah for the wonderful things in life

*Thankyou Allah Mian*

From Ramzan to Rozay wali Eid 2011

With ammi baba being back to town, things are awesomely family oriented 😀 and yes thats a BIG smile. Someone to look forward to when you come home from work, sehri’s and iftars were great this time round. Though the rozas were looooong.. 15 hours or so but we managed pretty well. Thanks to Allah that we had gorgeous weather throughout the blessed month. somedays were tiring, exhausting and hectic but Alhamdolillah a well spent ramzan. With workload and time for a heart to heart session with Allah mian was managed pretty well 😀

Chand raat was spent with friends and later at home applying mehendi – MY way 🙂
Eid came and Ada and family were missed. Eid in karachi was SO much fun. Though we were home most of the time but still… it rained. Allah mian literally showered us with His blessings. Alhamdolillah. Beautiful rain on eid. Amazing breakfast. Skype with the family in Dxb 🙂 Family values right there.. yes they make me happy 😀
Beautifully wrapped Eidi from saad made my day ❤

3rd say of eid was Ami’s birthday. We celebrated like theres no tomorrow. A Midnight donut party and ended the day with a nandos family dinner which made ammi very happy. Alhamdolillah 😀

ps. i love mehendi and yes Nandos cake and peri bites are PURE indulgence 😀

Oh mother!

Just a few days back we were at Punjab Chowrangi where you find these little kids with wipers which probably make the windscreen dirtier 70% of the times. Heres how it goes.

Me and Ammi see this child coming towards our car holding the wiper high indicating that we are his next clients!
I start nodding my head.. no noo Nooooo.. but didnt we know THAT never works. He starts wiping quick..

Ammi: KIS NAY KAHA THAAA (in a tone slightly louder than her usual)
The boy froze.
Ammi: keh pepsi par 5 rs kam kardo.
Me: *Puzzled* cracked up laughing
So did ammi and the young chap.

He ran to the other side cleaned the windscreen sparkly shiny and smiled….

Gotta LOVE Ammi! It was hilarious.
Alhamdolillah. We were able to bring smiles to the young chaps face.
I’ll never be able to forget his face, how he lit up.

Baarish 2011

Finally, karachi saw a little of the rain. Veryyyy little but it brought the mitti ki khushbu that one longs for. the pressure built up, humidity… and eventually it poured leaving me in awe after i saw the beautiful sky. Amidst the greys appeared a streak of orange.. What a beauty! SubhanAllah. The after effects left me happy, with winds blowing.
Thankyou Allah Mian 🙂

Day 3 – fudge brownies

I am NOT a big foodie but i have a sweet tooth. Other than my creativity here, I can cook food, almost all sorts but just when need be. I know people who like to cook just for fun. I mean i can do that too.. but i guess theres no one to feed at home other than S, who’s mostly at school. So yeah we do weekend breakfasts and fun lunches. I love baking. Not owning an oven could be a drawback for people with a love for baking butttt i surpassed that and started baking in the microwave. Thanx to Mayg api, who introduced the idea of baking a cake in the microwave. Later on i tried brownies and YES they turned out as gooey as they would from the oven and also cookies! Baking cookies in the microwave was a challenge and i DID IT! success story right there! 😀

So while we talk about food, recently i came across this. I just cant get over the awesome idea. they’re giving ‘everything’ and with lots of goodies to offer the website itself is eye candy. yes yes.. thats what we ‘designers’ notice first! I love the feel of the website. i love their idea ‘photolicious’. Yummeh food pictures!*dreamy face* FCP is still in their pre launch stage.. but they launch soon. Check their fb page. Looking forward for more eye candy AND candy in its true sense 😀

Ps: I made those fudge brownies and iced-doodled them too 😀 Am i good or am i good?

Sparkly 25!

Long over due blog post.. been sitting in my drafts.

Heres to 25 years of awesomsauce!

I’m all sparkly and happy and content in the heart. Big Big Alhamdolillah! So yeah.. it’s a milestone.silver jubilee. Silver..chaandi..sparkly..starry. *dreamy-eyes* Birthday wishes started pouring in from 11:30pm as the phone rang and I see Choti calling to wish me. She was sleepy and just couldn’t stay up for another half an hour 😉 and in another 20 mins or so… I was 25! Baba sang the birthday song and together Ammi and Baba showered me with duas and love. Thoroughly missed saad at midnight as he was stuck with projects at school.

The day started with Ada’s call from Dubai. It was a beautiful cloudy morning, one of those mornings when u wish it were a holiday and you’d hit the beach and chill. The day went by great. There was some work piled up from last week, since I was mentally exhausted with the opening of ‘Handmade’. Amidst of phone calls and responding to msgs I finished all the work too. You know…. birthdays bring in awesome energy! 😀

My students from 2nd year surprised me with a cake and flowers and a LOUD birthday wish. I love these girls. They were all giggly and happy and excited and I was just a little bit more of ALL of that. Alhamdolillah. It’s a good feeling to be loved by your own students. Rushed back to the office to see my Indus family Immi, wardha, Kamran and Umer ready with the nandos cake and lunch 🙂 Theres something about the nandos cake. Its justtt.. umm. Plain SCRUMPTIOUS! 😀 [yes that’s a BIG smile]. So we cut the cake, called the final years students to join in 😀

Choti came with yellow and white flowers[LOVE] and bravo cookies and mousse cake. Just for the record a lil funny story regarding the mousse cake now. I opened the box, clearly didn’t see that it was mousse cake, closed the box thinking, I’ll have it later. Later never came. Got home and put it in the fridge. Opened the box post midnight to see a scrumptious disaster in a box *laughs* Love you Choti!

Met S at Dunkin after school for a bit. Hit nandos for a quick peri-bites and cake celebration. Met Mimi and my handsome kaaklu. Hit home. Aqsa and Bhai came over with flowers and ferrerro’s 🙂 Ohkay in all this chaos my Saaday was missing and that didn’t make me happy. We were almost abt to cut the cake at home when I said, I want saad to be here. And bhai said, lets go to Indus and surprise saad. Yes we’re all crazy adventurous freaks. So we packed a picnic basket and reached school.

ALL the boys including the twins, Family, Mimi n Kaaklu and S were there. Missing were Ada-Mayg.api and the girls, Buddy m + hero and the
clan. I missed buddy m, hero and the clan the most when we decided to do the OYE! *heart-melt moment* We had a little party and the boys got back to
work and we left for home.

The day went by great *Big Alhamdolillah*. Duas from the multiple sets of parents in my life. Love from friends and people around workplace and otherwise. Whattta sparkly happy 25th! =D *BIG Alhamdolillah*

PS:Special mention: 100 points for originality to S. You truly made my day –Hello kitty and BamBam.

Dear Today, You were Awesome!

The mental alarm rang before the phone alarm. I was up before time. A little sleepy, a lot tired.. That’s how I felt but there were good vibes about today. Happy vibes – a little weird since it was a Monday. Usually Mondays are hectic and tiring and boring and loaded with work.

So I started the day with a session with Naaan. I walk up the stairs missing all the good times I’ve had on campus as a student and how carefree student life is… brain waves…10 mins later sidra walks up the stairs and she hands me flowers. “Miss these are for you”. Heart-melt moment. That was a sweet gesture and considering the fact that I LOVE flowers. She clearly made my day at 9:15am. Good happy vibes UHU-ed for the day babehh!! 😀 I made a vase for the flowers and they sat on my table in front of my eyes the whole day *blissful* they were a pink and 2 white flowers. I’m no pink fan but yes I loved that pink flower (boo: NO I be NO Barbie)

I ran around happy, working. A lil while later Mariam comes in with kitkats. I mean what IS happening today. Ohkay so mariam and I had a deal and she owed me kitkats. Yes I like kitkats 😀 so today was the fortunate day when I got kitkats too. Sweet of her, she packed them nicely, doodled on a card and attached it with it. That made my day too. 10:30am Check!!

I had confirmed A that I’ll buy the tripod she was selling. I had plans of picking it over the weekend but she had a busy Sunday. She called and said that she can drop by Indus to hand over the Tripod. Hell yea! I got the tripod too. Allah Mian, yeh kyaa hora hai. So many khushiyaan! Alhamdolillah.

On Red day me and a student talked about love-day being everyday and that even f she wanted to give me something she would do it any other day and NOT on Valentine’s Day. I loved her that instant. We thought on the same lines. So Zahra comes in with an envelope and that she wrote me a not-so-love-letter. Cutie! That was a funny letter. Love u Zahra ❤

Got a Chance to have a chat with Choti after a looooong time. School bonding sessions are just different. Love u Choti. I come back to my cubicle and I see a ‘heart shaped’ bookmark stick from Khadija. I mean these girls just made my day complete.

Today was just different. It was an Awesome day.
Thankyou Allah Mian 😀

Love-ness and the likes.

I enter the gates of my workplace. I see foundies holding red balloons. I love balloons but not red ones.. blue and black and white.. or happy yellow ones. We exchange smiles. They’re all unusually bright and happy. I walk ahead.. I look to my right.. I see red.. and I turn to my left.. more red. *shudders*

I was wearing a happy pink scarf, had no clue that everybody would associate the pink as a ‘red’ as well. So I walk up the stairs and a student joins me and says, “Happy valentine’s day!! Where is your red?” I answer “Heyy.. Well, pink is the new red!!” and we both laughed.

I couldn’t believe myself, did I just say.. “PINK is the new red”. Aaaaa.aaaaaaa *faints*

Well yes I did and that was my escape remark whenever someone asked where MY red was! Hahaaaa…
So there was ‘red day’ celebration at school. The students were all dressed up in various shades of reds, the boys had something red on as well. A belt qualifies too! It was fun to see them all excited. One guy said, “Miss u know what, We’re not celebrating Valentine’s day.. It’s just the color red. We’re celebrating the color RED”

Well whatever made them happy 🙂 There were heart-shaped cookies and cupcakes and the likes. Upon looking down my office, I could see a trail of red ants. Well yeahh 4th floor, aerial view. Every person dressed in red looked like a red ant. And no I am not anti-love-ly. I just feel overdoing it… kinda kills it.

Love is everywhere, You can feel it every day, its there in every little moment of your life.
U just need to have that heart, eye and courage to get past it.

Happy love day ya’all!!!
Hope it was Lovely 😉

Of happiness :)

Fairy lights make me happy.
Need i say more?

Success in the Cookie ;)

I’ve been a master at microwave cakes and icings and stuff and missed out on the fact that i cant make Cookies because i dont have an oven. Although i was a lil sure that if my microwave can make(bake) a cake, it could make me cookies as well BUT i never got around trying them. So i got the Betty crocker’s special choco-chip cookies mixture and it sat in the kitchen cabinet for dayys…and then just yesterday i decided to try them out re-assuring myself.. that whats the worssst that can happen? It wont work out!!! or i’ll have to throw them away… money will be wasted.. and so will be time and effort and the butter bar that i specially bought for this!
I did try them out.. i think i put a lil extra butter so it went all *chippakk*anddd my hand looked as if it were covered with baby poop, oh well me and a friend did end of naming them poop biscuits, the trial and error business was just too funny. I literally had to splat the mixture on the baking dish to get rid of it from my hands.. and since the crazy crackpotty mode had hit in..it was fun and brought in A LOT of laughter!
They turned out really yummy.

Hence proved: cookies can be made in the microwave!
YESS!!! =)

Socks and Winters <3

I love winters! Although i am one person who feels terribly cold even when no one feels it.
I’d wear socks and a sweater and still my fingers and toes would be dangerously cold!
Heres to Winters and My love for sockies. specially.. wiggly toes! 😀

ps: wiggly toe socks make me Happy! Really happy =)

Hello December!

So i feel that time flew this year on because it went by great(well yeah mosst of it) and i am very very thankful for it! Alhamdolillah

-I miss Ada very much. He’s been crazy busy with work and we hardly get to talk. But ada.. u musst know that i’m praying for you all the time.
-I did conquer the world when i bought the long awaited Canon D550. Thoroughly enjoying it but its been crazy otherwise that i still havent explored it inside out.. but will do soon.
-Winter break coming up! weeeeeeeehoo!!!
-3 years at workplace will be complete as soon as semester ends. Inshallah.
-My first batch of students-friends-juniors graduate in a weeks time 🙂
-This convocation will be very special, Munim and sheeraz graduate! *blessed*
-I love winters because u can cozy up though i get the coldest fingers and toes *dangerous*
-Need to do some serious sockies shopping
-Celebrated Mehr’s 1st birthday. It was an awesome idea for Mayg api and the kids to drop by. Missed Ada like crazy.
-Mahnoor and I continue being the best of friends 😀
– Lifes on a roll and i’m loving every bit of it.
-Nani is doing a lot better. Alhamdolillah.
-Baba ammi visiting makes our home complete.
-The ‘achi choti cheez’ bought in lots of laughter
-Alumni show coming up in a week! 😀
Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios has 436 fans as of today. Its a great feeling, random people appreciating your work, ordering and coming back with a bunch of happy stories. BIG alhamdolillah 😀
-Illustrator and Photoshop courses ended yesterday. Great learning. Need lots of practice =)
-Friends have been close where random acquaintances became friends.
-Choti has a printmaking minor and its been long since we had a balcony session. Feels like a part of me is missing.
-Ayezu got married a few days back. Mashallah she made a gorgeous bride.
-Its a great feeling when friends randomly msg saying i made their day. Its a happy feeling.
-I am soooo thankful for these special people around me..they make my life complete.
Allah Mian, I am still curious about the plan. With the year almost coming to an end.. Am all ready and heads on for 2011! Inshallah.
But but.. Whats the plann?? =D

13112010 – 550D

Welcoming the Canon D550 in my life!
*Big Big Alhamdolillah*

So, I proudly say that hard work pays off and this time round my determination and patience towards the Camera fund! *Hats off to ME*
Allah Mian continues to be mehrbaan. With so many people praying for me and loving me… this HAD to happen. Milestone to cherish for life. Inshallah.
A special prayer for S and Buddy M for being there by my side while i bought the camera and gulped down my fasterest running heartbeat *smiles*

A dream came true… so true! 😀

PS: its got vdo 😉

Allah Mian, Whats the plan?

Allah Mian is always good to us, someway or the other. He has a plan for everyone and it IS a good plan. Well yea, most of the times I am convinced. There are some parts of your life that you thoroughly enjoy, while some suck the fun out of it; some very tough and some sail by smooth. Some parts make you strong, stronger than before while some come back and worry you. Some parts of your life are like candies, they taste well and then they vanish. Some parts you never imagine them to be like the way they are while some make you the person you are.
There have been several parts of my life that made me the person that I am. I became stronger than before, more confident, independent and devoted. I became happier as a person. My faith went high. I became more n more patient. I thanked Allah mian for every little thing He gave me. Loving parents, two precious brothers, a sister-like bhabi, 2 beautiful nieces, an awesome bunch of friends, S, Choti – a sister I always wished for, a satisfying job, a running business and lots more.
There are times when I want things to happen there n then. I become impatient. I want to know whats ahead of me, but then knowing whats ahead of me will kill the fun. While there are times I become all strong only because that would be the best option and later things come back rolling pulling me back in the den.
Yesterday was just great. Other than me being tired and running around all day, what made me happy was to meet old friends, having the precious one around to help and just be there. Choti’s firefly becoming a hit (Alhamdolillah), scrutinizing a camera which will become our property soon Inshallah. Dinner with the crazy clan and chai back home.
Things are good.
But but Allah Mian, I have a question.

Whats the plan??


After the success of ‘happy-pappy’ and ‘Poinnnk’ Ladies and GentleMANs.. presenting the new HAPPY word on the block…

Life is spontaneous!

Alhamdolillah, this year Ramadan was well spent. Though I always feel it could have been better. Prayers were done, special requests were m ade. Sehri’s and iftaris were made fun. Sehri’s were missed and this year I made a new record.. sleeping through the iftar =)

Life is spontaneous. We plan so much and mostly things happen that we least expect. Allah Mian has better plans for us.. sometimes.. just sometimes I wish I could peek into His plans…curiousity.. but at other times I love the spontaneity life has to offer.

I bought myself a new phone. Am mosst happy with this buy. It sure was worth the wait. Welcomed the qwerty in my life.. not that big a change though I was a little reluctant but this turned out to be great. Afterall saxaphone bajj gyaa… nothing could be done. I HAD to buy this phone..next in line is the DSLR. Am almossst there.. almossst =)

Hard work pays off and patience definitely gets you places, things like these makes my faith grow stronger. Thankyou Allah Mian. Amidst of a very busy ramadan, visiting nani, reading, bonding and shopping, chaotic 3 days to get bookings done for our sukkur trip for eid; I submitted my participation form for the Alumni Show 2010. Still thinking on what exactly I want to do.. lets see how that goes.

Lots of prayers for everyone out there. Have a great Eid you guys =)

Bajj gyaaa…

All violins and concentric have been left behind for the moment.
Baj gyaa.. baj gyaa.. SAXAPHONE baj gyaa.
Welcome qwerty welcome! 😀

Differently Alike.

April 26th 2010 – That was when i wanted to write this post. I titled it differently alike and suddenly the words disappeared and this wordless post sat in the drafts folder counting on its luck to be published out here soon. Today, August 4th 2010 – I felt strongly about writing this post. I get to the folder, open the post to edit …. and here i am again at a loss of words.
I guess the term ‘Differently Alike’ has SO much to it, that i’m jumbled in the head as to where to start, what to write. First this term came into existence after a few happily crazy moments and it directed towards a very special movie called Definitely Maybe, then at various occasions the term was applied and at times SO strongly applied that it made me wonder, What IS happening!!
Time to say, am blessed and i have no words to describe this part of my life. Allah Mian has given everyone of us such blessings and good times to cherish… we just need to look around and hold them together for life.

Ps: i never thought i’d be out of words and this term which describes us So well would leave me speechless.
Cheers to being differently alike!!

*Life swings*

…The swing goes forward and backward. Forward and backward. There is silence. All you hear are squeaks from the hooks of the swing *chee(n) chee(n)*. They’re almost fit on the swing. No extra space for anyone else. Finally they find a way to sit in a comfortable position, hand in hand rather arm in arm. They look at opposite sides. Forward and backward. Forward and backward. It goes fast. Fast enough for the winds to hit them. Happy winds. They talk about anything and everything that comes their way. Poke. Poke. Poke. She glares at chand mian. He states that chand mians winking, he’s a flirt. She asks him if he’s jealous. He says, yes a little. She smiles. Theres silence. Forward and backward. Forward and backward. Tickle. Poke. Tickle. Poke. Massage. Sleepyheads. Forward and backward. Forward and backward. The phone rings. Let it ring. He takes a name. She wants to get off the swing. He doesnt let her. NAI! Bhao! She cant help but laugh. They smile. Forward and backward. The swing does them happy. Very happy. Theres silence. Its comforting. Time flies. Its time to go home. Forward and backward. Life goes on…


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*tight jkj*