…i just walk out to the rooftop and breathe. Breathe in the fresh air.
The cold windy breeze.. i shut my eyes and breathe in deep.
The freshness that reaches my lungs makes me smile.
While the stars and chand mian shine down upon me…
I hug the winds and smile
Allah mian… THANKYOU!
Please continue to be meherbaan… please. Ameen.
*dhk dhk*


Worries and crispy cookies

Life is full of worries IF you’d like it to be like it! Im not saying forget them worries, because i feel you think about the issues in life and thats when you find a solution for them and make things better for yourself. Sometimes things arent in your control, nope! Somebody stole the remote control you see 😉 So, how about ignoring your worries for a while and do something without a reason? I say this without thinking twice because I did something similar.

So winter break started for me and the workaholic me refuses to take a break. Work is on my mind ALL the time. So i distracted my brain from work and caught myself walking towards the kitchen. Found my hands reaching the baking cabinet and voila! I transformed into Master Microwave Baker GP! 😀 I had to choose in between cake and cookies and the cookies won. Oatmeal choco chip cookies. Mmmhmm yummy!

Remember the first-microwave-cookies-experiment?

This time i was a pro, the new microwave was put to test and i baked cookies for no good reason. There was no special occasion but the fact that i was celebrating the beginning of my winter break! Good feeling no? So they turned out scrumptious, victory was shared with family here and on skype and on call with friends 😀 Awesomeness to the ‘next level’ as a cousin would put it!

KU _ jury day :)


Promptly at 11am we drove in the gates of Karachi University and I smiled 🙂 KU, a place where I was longing to visit for almost 8 years till yesterday. Hearing about all what the university had to offer, I was excited to visit. It was HUGE, the campus is like a city on its own. It was refreshing. Greenery all around, cafeteria spaces not one; but many. It was a very good feeling, the fact that I was finally visiting KU but also the fact that I was called in for a jury *big thing* Alhamdolillah!
So it was a jury for the architecture students who had designed a school space for refugee kids at the Burma-thai border and were meaning to incorporate traditional crafts like weaving and basketry. Sehr, who had invited me was equally excited on the idea that I was visiting for the first time. She said that PG kay tiny samosay were a MUST! So yes, I had those samosas. They were yummilicious.
I was given a brief tour, the stairs, the cafeteria where the rangers sat. She said the visual studies department building was one building with 3 ramps, and that was one of a kind. I was there for a couple of hours. Must say it was a veryyy refreshing experience. Sehr, Chayya and Salman – good company 🙂
Allah mian, Thankyou 😀

Dhk Dhk Pakistan

We celebrated at school with this HUGE over whelming flag. Heres how it looked/felt 😀

On the crafty front, a few projects specially for pakistan on its way!

Theres more here Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios

Picture 1: photo credit – Adnan Adil

Heat+heat = Mangoes!

Ohkay so I repeat I am NOT a foodie but dessertssss… Yummeh!
So the summers are killer[well not that killer but yes its fun to whine about it] and since childhood i’ve heard this, bare the heat and you get Mangoes! So yeahh, Mango season is here. And yes I am just a whee little bit fat conscious so I avoid TOO many mangoes but I came across this today!

Tempting much? On a much happier note, FCPAKISTAN has now launched. Such continuous EYE CANDY! a.m.a.z.i.n.g. The website is awesome. Bright and catchy. They’re giving away cash vouchers. Have u entered yet? I entered for the chairman mao meal. lets see how this unfolds. Its an amazing platform, our own local food portal. Almost 6K members have signed up. Have you?

I have an eye for detail and heres the proof. I did this as a project. They turned out Fantabulous!

Yummy Much?!?

Beat the heat you guys.. After all its the season for Mangoes 😀

The hopeless Optimist!

If you know me well, you’d know that I’m a hopeless Optimist. I use the term hopeless because my faith doesnt die. I’m hopeless like that! 😀 New way to look at the term hopeless … nai? I’m the one who sees good in things that are bad for most. I see ‘Behtari’. I’m optimistic about life in all. I use the term…’koi baat nai’ all the time. Most people aren’t too convinced with it. I don’t use the word [hate] but rather ‘dislike’. You just can’t hate anything/anyone. Dislike is more like it 🙂

Mr Wiki says optimism is “Hopefulness and confidence about the future or successful outcome of something; a tendency to take a favorable or hopeful view”.

I found this image online and I could relate to it SO well because I actually did something similar. I bought a backpack [laptop bag] in anticipation. Yes, I am saving up for a laptop. So the bag came in first and because of the bag only… the laptop will come soon! 😀 Inshallah!

Last year was my year of savings for a DSLR. I had been saving for over 2 years, but I had a goal, a vision towards the DSLR. My target was a camera that I used at workplace… but as soon as i had enough money for it… Canon had come up with 3 new cameras. There was a moment of ‘steadddddyyyyyyy’. I waited a couple of months more and saved up for the best DSLR available in my budget and bought it!

The same way… will get me a laptop sooner than soon. My optimism has brought me where I am today. I do get a little a demotivated at times… after all I be human. But I have precious people who bring me back!

‘Faith in God, includes faith in His timing’ – Neal A.Maxwell

So yess…Faith high, up in the sky[where the birds fly and the beautiful chaand mian resides with sparkly stars].

For whatever is bestt and behtar! Patience prevails and my question remains. Allah mian? *giggles*

Day 3 – fudge brownies

I am NOT a big foodie but i have a sweet tooth. Other than my creativity here, I can cook food, almost all sorts but just when need be. I know people who like to cook just for fun. I mean i can do that too.. but i guess theres no one to feed at home other than S, who’s mostly at school. So yeah we do weekend breakfasts and fun lunches. I love baking. Not owning an oven could be a drawback for people with a love for baking butttt i surpassed that and started baking in the microwave. Thanx to Mayg api, who introduced the idea of baking a cake in the microwave. Later on i tried brownies and YES they turned out as gooey as they would from the oven and also cookies! Baking cookies in the microwave was a challenge and i DID IT! success story right there! 😀

So while we talk about food, recently i came across this. I just cant get over the awesome idea. they’re giving ‘everything’ and with lots of goodies to offer the website itself is eye candy. yes yes.. thats what we ‘designers’ notice first! I love the feel of the website. i love their idea ‘photolicious’. Yummeh food pictures!*dreamy face* FCP is still in their pre launch stage.. but they launch soon. Check their fb page. Looking forward for more eye candy AND candy in its true sense 😀

Ps: I made those fudge brownies and iced-doodled them too 😀 Am i good or am i good?