After party & sleepless nights!

Im sure each one of you will think ‘Abhi say?’
The baby hasnt even arrived yet! Ha, well yes.

My bio clock is set to 5am. Im up each morning, in a way great time because otherwise mr shaytan quite interferes with fajr namaz time :/ but oh well, its great im up for namaz because of the very timely loo break. But what about going back to sleeep? While hubby snores away I am topsy turvy, fidgeting left to right and right to left. And the kicking parade starts, I almost hear a voice “Wohoooooo, Mama’s UP! [squirmy wobbly]”.

I truly smile at that voice. Its like a party inside me, an early morning dance party where only I am invited. I do feel special. So the almost half hour session where theres sounds of my growling tummy playing as the background music, theres a dance party that is enough to make baby tired and get back to sleep.

The after party involves me thanking Allah mian for this beautiful blessing of a little human inside me. I think this is the only part of being pregnant which I will miss. These movements that started as fluttters are now kicks and punches and almost like the baba-to-be quite the drum beats.

So 3 hours pass by and I think, why cant I get back to sleep… and before the morning alarm + the Kabootars in the window start to wake us up officially I start to doze off. Thanks to the very caring husband who lets me sleep in those extra 15 minutes while he gets ready and then I suddenly get my super-wifey-mom-to-be super powers back and the breakfast is served and lunch box ready and yes the day has begun!

What started as a rant has ended….with me, yet again being all positive about it all! Still sleepy though. But thankful to Allah Mian also! Life is SUPER! Alhamdolillah 😀


2014 aagya!

Dayem, I havent been around here for a long long time! But I sure have my reasons! Life has been a total whirlwind. An absolute crazy happy busy one!

2013 was busy! There was lots that has happened. Got married and found a best friend for life. Alhamdolillah. And then post halfway conceived and life changed even further. Bearing a child inside you is the most precious fulfilling feeling one can treasure for ever! You get to produce a little person whom you will be able to call your OWN for life! Awaiting this little persons arrival soon now. Inshallah!

2014 – you seem promising. We as a family are looking forward to building memories, memories that we will cherish all out lives. Baby janaabs arrival is the biggest milestone we are awaiting. Please keep us in your prayers.

Allah mian, thankyou SO much for being oh so mehrbaan on our family 😀

April diaries

This month marked our 3 month crazy-happy-fun-whirlwind kinda marriage and a new start to a day routine with Mr’s new job. Its actually a happy moment when you devour in life with all the goodness it has to offer. I’ve always thought confetti is the best way to celebrate, although this year onward we found new meaning to celebrating with bubbles. Blowing bubbles can be fun if they dont pop on your face or close to the eyes. The MR and I have had sudden cravings to blow bubbles and laugh off the stress this city provides.

*blows bubbles*


With burnt ‘kinda’ brownies and starbucks coffee turned into a homemade version of cold coffee, our cravings for desserts aint stopping much! But its fun, living with a person who enjoys life as much as you do. Happy happy feeling. Alhamdolillah. Reminds me of how blessed we are, with April thundershowers, Electricity outrages..oh well. Sometimes the UPS gives up toooooooooooo(n). With greenery around the house that smells fresh brings in more energy and inspiration to work. The smell of rain and the earth quenching its thirst. it always calls for pakoras and an Ammi to enjoy with. Aaah… the pleasures of having a fun M-I-L.


Talking about inspiration, CANNOT live without art and design. Just CAN NOT! So heads up to the month of May. Mothers day is right around the corner and the Creative person inside me is spot on working on mothers day orders. The first batch went home a few days back! Making it special for Mothers all around the WORLD. Wooohoooo!!! GPCS does it once again! 🙂
All in all, April is running by fast! Allah mian, Thankyou oh So very much for being Super Meherbaan on us. Will need it always! 😀

Mothers day 2013

Uniquely 27

our pet Doggie on wheels ;)

our pet Doggie on wheels 😉

Keeping up with the regular midnight cake cutting one would do. The little joys in life are when you get something which you least expect. Heres to a year of bubbles replacing confetti and owning a pet doggie on wheels. Wohooooooo!!
Thankyou allah mian for a precious husband and a new family which is as crazy as the family at ‘maa kay ghar’.

2012 you flew away

Confessions. Dubai 2012. Birthday. Indus. A very Special 26th. Saarc Mela. Turkey trip. Memories. Bye bye rooftop. Golu’s nikah Gem homes. Abbotabad. Bhoja air. Rishta. Chotis Shaadi. Engagement <3. Hina's Ebaad. Zainu's very very special 28th! Nani <3. Golu's Shaadi. Founders day as BOG IVSAA. Shaadi Preps! Phupo to the times 3- Ibrahim. Bachelorette Dubai trip. GPCS-screen print workshop in Dubai. Shaadi in 10 days. Inshallah!

What a whirlwind of a year 2012! Alhamdolillah, the good the bad the happy the sorrow. Lessons of life!
2013 – Im welcoming you with open arms.

life at 11:00 on a sunday morning

So december started, the bridey mode is still far away from how everyone would want it to be! A list of chores to be covered by the hour, wrapping up projects, semester ending at work. Life is a BIG chaos right about now. There are moments where i fight with sleep so i could finish work off. Looking forward to travel plans….much needed.
December, you seem good. please keep it rolling!

26th August 2012

Its almost a month since I lost my friend, confidant and the frosting of my life. Havent had the courage to write down my feelings, its almost like i’ll come back here and go through them and collapse. She left us peacefully. She remembered calling out to me before she passed away. She asked why I hadnt come to see her. By the time I reached to give her one last comforting hug and a special kiss on her cheek, she left knowing I wouldnt be able to see her breath her last. I shut her eyes for her, kissed her forehead for the last time. Her soft cold skin…sigh.

My Nani, my confidant, the frosting of my life is now at peace and so am I.
You shall live in my heart forever. RIP Nani ♥
12.06.1927 – 26.8.2012

ps. Keep those special duas rolling. I’ll need them forever.