Today, I smiled.
I smiled when i saw a smile
I smiled when I heard the song
I smiled when the winds hit my face
When my ponytail flew with the wind
I shut my eyes and took a deep breath
With my eyes closed, I smiled big
I smiled when I saw stars
I smiled when my hands got cold
And warmth touched me
I smiled when the car took a U turn
I smiled big and satisfied.
Alhamdolillah for the wonderful things in life

*Thankyou Allah Mian*


GP can(t) dance saala ;)

Well, dancing is something everyone can do. Its just a matter of doing it in front of people or when no ones watching. I can dance when no ones watching and just a few days back I realized I AM actually shy when it comes to dancing with someone. I’ve danced or rather done a simple luddi with a bunch of friends but a one on one…. I AM SHY.

*skittle red cheeks*

I’ve been on a high for the past 2 days. With no internet at home for 20 days or so.. the workplace with OVER loads of work… am a little sleep-deprived and HIGH! Funny mode ON! Been bugging friends and colleagues at workplace. Lifes good 🙂


13AM-the impossible hour

Subject: 13AM-the impossible hour
Listening to: SKZ
Feeling: MOST happy and proud =)

Milestone – 19.04.2010

HIGH at the rooftop!

This month has been crazzyy hectic and so is the prediction for March 2010! What makes me the happiest is spending time at my rooftop after crazy hours of work. A hot cup of tea-music-photography!

Heres a special treat to the eye!

Happy 2010!

So yea..Its flashback time, a little*just a little* late but yea… for the record.

The Year 2009, the year when life changed for the better, bigger experiences came in, a lot of laughter and happiness revailed, new members in the family were inducted, new friends were made for life, bonding sessions that meant the most and will last forever =)

Looking back, it all started great Alhamdolillah. I was soooo looking forward to 2009 with faith high, up in the sky. Saad started FY at Indus and with it my 2nd year at work started, Abida Parveen- Live in concert, largest event at Indus organized, 23rd birthday, first International trip as faculty to ‘Thailand’ with my best friends as students, early april Dadi passed away, Basant happened at school and later came an opportunity to manage a band, joined [NO IDEA] as manager for 6 months, New friends came into being; Boo, AD and Amy, Choti’s birthday happened which was magical for her =)

Pakistan sign language(PSL) certification, lots of cake treats and bonding sessions, Sidrah got married, doodling came into existence for me, roof-topping, chocolates, more photography, one on one with Allah Mian, admiring the sunsets more, starry nights and casanova Mr Chand Mian, voice of the dying horse… trips back home, gullak money, birthdays made special, hero-Buddy M-Best friend, my junior lot-best friends-hero and buddy M gang graduated, -‘Dost’- happened, I became Phupo once again to a beautiful niece ‘Mehr Fatima’, also became Khala to my handsome nephew ‘Raaif’, Bibi passed away(no more dua wali candies) but lots of prayers remained, Maria got nikahofied, heart to heart sessions, photography competitions, barbies, Alumni show, found my ‘Real Unbiological Sister’ this year, prayed more, hopes were high, faith was higher, ended with a full moon and a happy person photo shoot with chotaaay.

All in all, a fantastic-happening-happy-year, Welcoming the new year with open arms with prayers and faith n patience to cope up with all the tough times life has to offer and cherish all the good times for years to come. Inshallah. Ameen.

Happy 2010 folks!

Resolution 2010:
-be a better person
-get DSLR =)

*I Admit…*

I admit…
I admit…I am patient, very patient
I admit I need to learn a few (more) things in life and I am learning, its just that its taking a little while…
I admit I love my friends, my people and would do anything for them…
I do things without thinking of what it will give me in return… be it doing things for people around me… or otherwise..
I admit I don’t do things for a reason; there is no reason for me to be there for someone…just that I’d want to be there for them…
I admit I will never confess if I have feelings for someone…I’d be scared to loose the friend in them
I’d wait for things to happen my way with whatever is best for me that has already been written
I admit I don’t like to fight; hence there are no regrets…
I just wish that no one has any regrets in life… simply because they hurt…
I admit YET AGAIN that I love stars and the moon… they make me happy… really happy…the rooftop is a blessing
I also admit that relationships mean A LOT to me sooo getting married would be a beautiful thing to happen
I admit, my faith is high, up in the sky
I strongly believe in whatever happens happens for a reason; be it good or bad…there is always a reason…
I admit I have a new chingum song I relate to so well… it is called ‘ooncha’ by noori
I admit life seems good at the moment, wish for it to be better tomorrow…
I admit moving on is the most difficult thing to do, but once you do you will definitely feel a huge burden off you, life will be clearer, you’ll see behtari in whatever happened.
I admit I think too much, but that’s the kind of freedom I have, the freedom to think…
I admit i cant sit idle to save my life…
I doodle…
I admit I have a list of things I want and I have a feeling I will get ‘em when the time is right…Inshallah!



Random 25092009

•I miss nana the most
•And ada too…
•Prayers give me satisfaction
•I strive for the best and mostly get where I want to(i be lucky)
•You are an art creative when u have UHU(glue tube) in your handbag and no lip-gloss or Kajal for that matter.
•I’ve seen Ice age 1 and 3, 2 still remains in the unseen movies.
•Ramzan passed by reaaaaal quick, alhamdolillah
•I love the jhoola.
•Group hugs? Anytime!
•Khwab adhooray sahi, khwab saharay toh hain!!!!
•I love flowers
•In the past 2 weeks, I received 2 personalized cd’s with songs for me. Bhai(rahat) and choti. thanx =)
•I say I am blessed with the best of friends, are you?
•I love making people happy.
•There are just a few people who know exactly whats going on.
•I recently dropped my phone in sheer-khurma and it survived the dive 😉 Phew, Alhamdolillah
•I have just one black bangle left from my India trip. Somebodyy… get me the same ones…
•I wish to wake up in a room full of balloons someday.
•…I feel your whisper, across the sea.
•Cold coffee at -7 star- has become the latest pleasure 😀
•I like personalized presents, even if it’s a random little handwritten note.
•I’ll spend money on rings not clothes
•Funnily ouch-ed; Fouched*
•Pink is Not me yet it suits me the best!
•Ammi’s are the Best!
•I workout at night
•I *on a serious note* AVOID medicines.
•I wish I could give reall *jkj*’s everyday =)
•Iktara isss the chinngum song at the moment.
•And I guess Bus..Tonight I MUST sleep before my eyes disappear from my face.
•I say life’s good!!!!