Nana :)

The Friend – The Guide.

I think of Nana most nights before i sleep. I make a special dua for nani’s health.
Nana has been a Gem in its true essence in my life. My childhood, spent under his guidance, affection and care have nonetheless been the best years. He taught us things with his actions, actions truly were louder than words in this case. He spent time with us in the evenings when we played in the garden. All the kids from our apartment building would call him NANA because he was our nana. He made us play ‘Simon Says’. Fun times!
Just he being there, we felt secure. With him i shared my report cards with encouraging comments. With him i read letters from Baba with difficult words. With him i kept my First Roza and got a special hug at Iftar time. He had the patience. He’d scold us when we bugged him but later we’d exchange smiles. I still remember him on his rocking chair, swinging back and forth and telling me about how in his childhood Life was good. Its wasn’t as fast paced as its now.
He left us as i’d like to call it, in a serene way. He paid a visit to his mothers grave, am sure made a special dua for her and he was on his way.

I finished reading, ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ by Mitch Albom.
It made me wish ALL over again.
I wished he was with us today, to share his experiences about life now.
At this age, i’d understand him better.

My dear Nana,
You were a great Man and I miss you.
The thought of you makes me smile =)
I know you’re smiling up there.
One and only- Navasi.