Happy 2010!

So yea..Its flashback time, a little*just a little* late but yea… for the record.

The Year 2009, the year when life changed for the better, bigger experiences came in, a lot of laughter and happiness revailed, new members in the family were inducted, new friends were made for life, bonding sessions that meant the most and will last forever =)

Looking back, it all started great Alhamdolillah. I was soooo looking forward to 2009 with faith high, up in the sky. Saad started FY at Indus and with it my 2nd year at work started, Abida Parveen- Live in concert, largest event at Indus organized, 23rd birthday, first International trip as faculty to ‘Thailand’ with my best friends as students, early april Dadi passed away, Basant happened at school and later came an opportunity to manage a band, joined [NO IDEA] as manager for 6 months, New friends came into being; Boo, AD and Amy, Choti’s birthday happened which was magical for her =)

Pakistan sign language(PSL) certification, lots of cake treats and bonding sessions, Sidrah got married, doodling came into existence for me, roof-topping, chocolates, more photography, one on one with Allah Mian, admiring the sunsets more, starry nights and casanova Mr Chand Mian, voice of the dying horse… trips back home, gullak money, birthdays made special, hero-Buddy M-Best friend, my junior lot-best friends-hero and buddy M gang graduated, -‘Dost’- happened, I became Phupo once again to a beautiful niece ‘Mehr Fatima’, also became Khala to my handsome nephew ‘Raaif’, Bibi passed away(no more dua wali candies) but lots of prayers remained, Maria got nikahofied, heart to heart sessions, photography competitions, barbies, Alumni show, found my ‘Real Unbiological Sister’ this year, prayed more, hopes were high, faith was higher, ended with a full moon and a happy person photo shoot with chotaaay.

All in all, a fantastic-happening-happy-year, Welcoming the new year with open arms with prayers and faith n patience to cope up with all the tough times life has to offer and cherish all the good times for years to come. Inshallah. Ameen.

Happy 2010 folks!

Resolution 2010:
-be a better person
-get DSLR =)


Basant 2009

This year the Basant happened a little later than usual. Hard work was put in but last minute blunders went by, but the entire charm of organizing an event is to handle it both ways. In the end it was a gr8 effort put in by the Students Council ’09. Great work team.

My grandmother passed away 3 days before the event, quick trip to sukkur and back the same day of the event. The band called [NO IDEA] performed, that was the highlight of the event 🙂


SC’09, security guards, the gate, sawera guy, sound guy, Too many cranky stall aunties, Hassan(the band and i will never forget him), gate duties, friends, mate, the excited foundies, bhai all by my side always, ayezu’s hug, buddy m,hero and best friend always there for me, the jhoolay wala, BB, the heat, my tan, crazy headaches, lack of sleep, sound checks, the repeated “bus pohach raha hai dj”, [NO IDEA], new friends, amy-adeel duo, Shammy the drummer, kami, BOSS and the quiet khurram. All in all, an event to remember as always.