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Power of 2

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2 lies:
_I’m okay, I’ll be okay (partial lie partial truth)

2 truths:
_If i make you feel special, I really love you and would do anything for you and if i dislike you, I wont say anything but just take a step back and never come back. When i say i forgive you, i actually do. I dont remember fights, arguments mostly, unless and until it REALLY scarred me from the inside.
_Regrets HURT!

2 dreams:
_Be independent n happy and do something of my own. I’m living my dream πŸ˜€ Alhamdolillah!
_To be successful in this world and hereafter. Inshallah πŸ˜€

2 failures:
_I fail to understand why people dont trust their own instincts, why they have so many bad things to say about everyone and everything, why they dont Thank Allah mian for what they’ve been blessed with. I fail to understand where the feeling of being content has disappeared in all these years? Wheres the world running to? What is everyone running after?

2 loves:
_Nani, ammi, baba, ada, saad, maygapi, mahnoor and mehr(Family)
_Work, smiles, stars, Allah mian (Life)

β€Ž10th October: Favourite room in the house

Thats my room – MY space –
Where I spend hours creating things
working on projects all night long
reading, writing, listening to music
happily conquering the chaos πŸ˜€
*Spreading happiness one creative creation at a time*

8th october: Childhood Adventures.

We had our apartment under construction a lot of many years back. Regular visits were made to check the status. paint jobs, furniture fixtures, kitchen/bathroom tiles, flooring, electrical fitting, the GRILL gate. period.
One fine day me and lil bro were also taken along to visit the under construction apartment and after entering the apartment I very kindly decided to shut the gates behind me.
I held on to the grill gate by its handles and pulled the gate towards me to lock it and VOILA! i got the most powerful electric shock of my life. I got stuck to the gate. with screams echoing through the apartment building lil bro came to rescue and while I went shuddery with the current in my body lil bro pulled me with my clothes and THAT is how ladies and gentlemen I am here, sitting in my seat, sipping on chai and writing this post as my childhood Adventure that almost took my life away.

After effects: Electrocuted shivery body and POOFED up hair like we see in cartoons. No exaggeration. I.Promise
*Allah Mian Thankyou for blessing me with life*

β€Ž7th October: I Made a Mistake.

I often talk to myself.
I tell myself, that I made a mistake
A mistake that makes me ponder
ponder over it how I could have dealt with it better
Be it being who I am and letting people take me for granted
or be it the other things in life
where only YOU can talk to yourself and ask
Was it really a mistake?
98% of the times, I get the answer
No it wasnt. Atleast they’re no regrets πŸ™‚

6th October: Year After Graduation.

Repost>Edit : inspiration here

2004 was the year when i joined indus as a foundy(freshy as most would call it). As a student, life was very different. I was carefree and responsible too but for the pranks played on classmates and ragging to the juniors! It didnt matter if i wanted to sit at the cafetaria all day long and work after school hours. It didnt matter if Urdu elective class was spent sleeping away since friday mornings were bad. hahah good times though! Finished life as a student 2007 december. Graduated with a Founders Award (Alhamdolillah). Made my family most proud of me and that made me the most happiest!
Was offered a job at IVS my Alma Mator and 2008 Jan’ i joined back as a teacher, a faculty member. Seemed so weird. Same place, same department, same studios, same teachers(now colleagues) but no matter what they remain my teachers for life, same juniors but what changed was, My Life! My friends had gone and i had remained to continue being a friend to my juniors and to teach them what my teachers had taught me. Its been a good 4 years of teaching. Alhamdolillah its been a great journey. As a student it was easy to say β€˜i dont know’ but not i can proudly say β€˜Yes i know’.
From a student to a teacher, life has been good and continues to be the same πŸ˜€ BIG Allah Shukr πŸ™‚ I havent changed as a person much, yes more mature, more thought-provoked, more observant, more learned yet the happy-go-lucky kind who would take emergency cases like finger cuts to the hospital, have kitkat bondings, give hugs and while passing by prompting people around me to smile only because it makes them look good and is contagious πŸ˜€

From ‘I dont know’ to ‘Yes, I know’ πŸ˜€
*takes a bow and shares kitkat*

Ps. Steve jobs, u did wonders. May your soul rest in eternal peace. Amen.

4th October: Favourite Lines from Somewhere.

β€Ž3rd October: Something Old, Something New

Being a designer-creative-artist gives you the crazy pangs of creating something ALL the time.
So heres my most funkiest creation that helps save money the creative way! Age old Gullak now converted into a designer Gullak used for savings AND decorative purposes πŸ™‚ I also made a trip to Kumhar wara early this year to meet the crafts persons working on these and got my stock of gullaks too πŸ˜€ It was heavenly.

With electricity issues all around the city and me being the workaholic creative of the familia heres what i create when theres no electricity in the city of lights. More creative stuff at Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios ❀

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