Owl Nights

Inspiration? Kahan?

So its been over a month and half since i wrote here. Life’s been on a total roll. The past month went by SO fast that I hardly got time to sit and ‘think’ about it all… you know… Life! The time went by smooth. I travelled to Dhaka, work trip. It was a 10 day trip worth a separate blog post. Came back rushed to Lahore for Hina’s wedding. Lahore trip was one of a kind. Travelling with friends and that too for leisure is always fun. Well it was a first trip for us together and too for a shaadi. Good fun! Amidst all this chaos, Maria surprised us with her wedding proposal and that as soon as we’re back she gets get nikah done. So yess!!! Life was on a roll.

Now on the work front, GPCS has been on a roll as well Alhamdolillah. SAARC mela with Choti and Amy went by great. I think the idea of sharing a stall was good. I didn’t really have time to prepare on a larger scale anyways. And Amy and Choti turned out to be great companions 🙂

Buttt…. I need my mojo back. I need my inspiration back. I need an owl nighter… I’m working but I feel something is missing… that spark… that moment.. where I tell myself.. WHAT A WOW-er that was!
Overall, it has been okay okay, Alhamdollillah.

Allah Mian? Soo? Whats up?

Ps: I see a tunnel
And I see light at the end of it
I need to get there…soon.


The story of..

…the painful contact lenses.

I wore contacts for a good 4 years or so, most people didnt know i owned a pair of specs which came out only at night when the contacts were allowed to rest in their case and be ready for yet another day of no sleep and strain on my beautiful eyes. After i got to Indus, the winds were filled with dust particles that bothered me throughout the day causing irritation and redness. I used to doze off while wearing them and be woken up with a pair of RED eyes and contacts stuck to the pupil. And oh boy, THAT was painful. My eyes would get dry and the contacts need mositure but to no avail.. Eventually i stopped wearing contacts and invested in a pair of cool specs. I actually enjoyed wearing specs, changed them bi-annually. This one time i bought a pair of purple specs(very unlike me).

This summer i thought i’d be a good idea if i could get back to wearing contacts just for the sake of it. And so i got myself a new pair of contacts. I wore them everyday and by night my eyes would feel tired, clearly showed am not used to them anymore. Last night after watching the fifa final i couldnt sleep. After fajr i got to bed and slept not realizing that the contacts needed to rest in their case and NOT in my eyes *Sigh* Ab toh hogya! Woke up 730 and theres a blur, i couldnt see a thing. I ran towards the mirror and saw my eyes all red and they hurt bad. Took me 20 mins to get those tiny little pieces of plastic off my eyes. Phew!

Am happier with my specs. They are part of my identity. I look different and rather prettier without the specs sitting on my nose and hiding my eyes but they’re comfortable and trendy AND i can sleep without worrying about my eyes hurting when i wake up. So there we go.. Specs WIN over contacts! Finally!

Ps: My specs make me PHUPO for mahnoor. When Ada and family shifted to dubai, Mayg api told me how in the mall, Mahnoor ran to this girl who was wearing gaLses and WAS phupo! Cutie!

|a million little pieces|

-At the moment, nothing makes sense.
-Life is busy and hectic and tiring but good.
-I’ve pulled an all nighter lately, where I’ve found myself snuggled in my blanket thinking about ALL the wonderful things in life that I’ve achieved and yet HAVE to achieve.
-Too many ideas, very little time.
-Life’s short, doodle it.
-Am finding only that little of time and my brain to read just a chapter a day from this book I’m reading these days.
-My phone has almost 2000 msgs in the inbox.
-AD and Shammy are crazy.
-January 2010 – I baked 3 times and doodled on the cakes/cupcakes
-Party 2009 will surely be alive forever. Thanx Moh! U made my day!
-I climb 8 floors of my apartment building atleast once, everyday. (read: once at the least)
-I’ve started to like my hair in form of a braid.
-I’m trying to have loads of water
-My fairy lights switched ON give my room the perfect mood needed to ‘think’
-I’ve been made to listen to alternative rock and I happily say, I love the genre *kabhi kabhi*
-Passport sized photographs- I dislike!
-I don’t use the word ‘Hate’. I say it’s a strong word to use.
-I will never say NO to Mr Burger bonding.
-My 4 year old niece cried before leaving for dxb, because she wanted me to go with her. It bought tears to my eyes too. Love you Mahnoor *hugs*
-Full moons, they’re beautiful but they make me sad.
-Workplace is full of entertainment these days. Good fun. Works best!
-I have 11 unseen movies sitting in front of me and staring in my face
-Peri bites are YUM!
-Flowers and balloons make me happy, like REALLY happy.
-Hopefully from April I’ll start working on ‘Operation Duck Tape’
-I realize it’s the ‘small’ things in life that make up for a crappy day.
-I promised myself, I will NOT visit any DSLR related websites till I have the money to buy one.
-We’re thousands of miles apart but we share the stars every night.
-I like real smiley faces =)

Allah mian knows…

Last Night was quiet, quiet to an extent; I could hear the clock tick at every second, the winds wheezing through the window, my niece breathing and my heart pounding. Insomnia took over, the brain was racing fast, faster than the usual, my thoughts were flying and attacking the brain as if there was a meteor shower.

At times indulging in some ‘me time’ gives you a different perspective towards life. You give yourself that time to look ahead of you and decide as to how things should be, or how you would want them to be, and then say a little prayer and feel a shiver down the spine and you know that Allah Mian is listening, that feeling of being heard prevails (great feeling no?)

Somehow, the feeling of being content with life doesnt leave me (yeah yeah, i know thats a good feeling, alhamdolillah for that) but i keep wondering how is it that it doesnt? is it prayers? or patience? or faith? or is it just the way i am, hehe 🙂 All i can do is try to keep up with all the prayers and patience and faith in Allah Mian and go on with life as it comes…come whatever may…for the better. For the best. As Allah Mian knows.

Bring it on! ;]

Aaj kal zindagi, mujhsey hai keh rahi…
raat dhalni toh hai..aanay ujalay toh hain..



bridge-OWL mode

Lately, my sleep is gone to wonderland, leaving me ‘not-s0-sleepy’ most of the time. Well this isnt that great becaaaaause routine goes haywire and that leads to a lot of other issues BUT on the other hand these sleepless nights give me time to think, re-think, doodle AND click.

So last night, i just couldnt sleep. My window gives me the most beautiful view, 2am, the city sleeps, i overlook the bridge that flies over the clifton bridge. Its quiet, the moon shines, the stars smile sparkle, I walk out to the rooftop with my camera…

..it was windy.. quiet… lonely…i loved my camera for giving me company.. on a lonely quiet night…


People walk in your life for a reason, reason known or unknown… makes you happy… reallly happy.. poinnnnkily happy…
And then there are a few who walk in and leave, leave you devasted… and when you move on.. in a good way… they come back and haunt you… now thats unfair..

Allah mian… more people walking in rather walking out..