Random random

Halfway October..

-Lifes been a roller coaster and it has no rewind button
-Just sometimes i wish there was a rewind button
-30 years of awesomeness for Baba and Ammi *Love*
-Ada and familys ‘sumprise’ official-family visit was just great
-Mahnoor continues to not share Phupo with Mehru and remains my best friend *thumbs up*
-October was supposed to be camera month for me..but instead became camera month for S (am glad though)
-But i’m still hopeful. 2010 is the year for me. Still 2 more months to go =)
-I finally used my wiltons color gels for Saads 22nd birthday cake. Turned out great.
-Nani’s ‘special’ DUA makes me smile
-I learnt abt BMWs a little.
-Recent trips to billboard have been funny.
-Bonding with Buddy M was awesome. Needed that doze.
-Choti got a qwerty too. Thats a good chain reaction. Boo!
-Me and choti plan to walk together till we’re 60. The thought makes me smile.
-Icecream makes me happy. Chocolate chunk cookies make me happier. Anaar juice made me the Happiest =)
-Am enjoying workplace and my cubicle a LOT.
-Gotta do some serious baking soon.
-Lots of ideas.work.doodles need to be done.
-Did a very interesting ‘envelopy’ project =)
-PGCA is amaaazing.
-Working on a mini DK project. Shall share when done
-Did some doodles and proud of them.
-Adobe illustrator and Photoshop are a blessing
-Numerology is interesting
-Noori.Ali azmat.Mauj- Should be fun.
-H2H with ammi turned out great.
-Havent read a good book in 2 months.
-I washed my USB and the Ipod with my Jeans. The USB survived, the ipod didnt.
-Its just half of October gone and its seems like forever. Why is time running all of a sudden?
-Lifes tough but adventurous.. am Glad.
-Praying brings me back the faith.
*Blessed* =)

PS: I LOVE starry nights.

Life goes random*yet again*

Please note, this is going to be REALLLY random
-I have recieved random promotional phonecalls from qubee and this guy doing a servey on mnp’s
-Subway people never recieve my call when i reallllllyyy crave subway.
-Hero and Buddy M have made the past 2 weeks highly memorable.
-These summers, i have tried my best to do justice to the word ‘holidays’
-The chicken brought in lots of laughs
-I dreamt of Mayg api and Ada having twins(boys) on bakra eid and that resulted in pure excitement and happy vibes spread out ALL the way till dubai early in the morning.
-Its funny when people joke about others and are on cloud 9 and when the same joke is on them they make a face and get all pissy.
-My being nice to people has killed me before and IS doing the same now.
-I need inspiration.
-When you dont expect something and it happens. It makes you happy from the inside *arms up-Tickle*
-Someone not so close said, ‘You’re MY awesome’
-And someone close said, ‘You’re Lovable’ (followed by a formula jkj)
-I made friends with the guy behind Kbridals, MBA from IBA. Crazy-funny-nice to talk to guy. Good luck in your future ventures my friend.
-Skype date with choti made my day.
-I realized, for some people life really changes after they get married. Happy birthday Mimi.
-I started a new doodle diary for july-dec and successfully finished one for jan-june =)
-Nani ki duain make my day. Allah Mian give her Sehat! Ameen.
-Talking to Ada makes me wish for MY guy to be like him(whenever that happens)Ameen.
-Just 1 week and 3 days more till i get back to my fast paced work life.
-Going for a movie and finding out that its a housefull on a weekday afternoon show IS funny!
-Imagine this, You and a friend are waiting for the elevator to come and the moment it comes and ur all ready to step in, KESC happens. And you end up climbing the stairs ALL the way up to the rooftop.
-I’ve spent the entire summer break withOUT a camera.
-Cooking for friends gave me joy.
-Random plans work best, Well yeah mostly.
-AD still needs to be given his birthday present and WE are ready to be disowned by Amy.
-Not that me and saad spend lots of time together but i miss him when he’s travelling.
-My owl doodle actually crapped =p
-The rooftop made me reallly happy while it rained. All windy and dreamlike.
-Cheerleaders, pajama, lovleyyhh, towels and oils have a secret in the background which i wish to write about one day.
-Theres one person i want to write a book on. My journey of knowing the precious…
-I actually enjoyed watching the soccer semi finals. Looking forward to the final.
-Today i miss nana.
-Random people adding me on fb annoys me.
-Mate once said, he wished he could bring back time. I still wonder what it would be like..bringing back time.
-I will ask Zainu to make me a kurta when i get to the mediums =p Okay zainu?
-Theres so much i learn about life when i bond with people not so close. Just listening to them, how they think. The observer in me Wakes up.
-Only If the jhoola had a backrest and was just a little bigger, i’d be sleeping outside the apartment.

Today is oneday where i dont feel like talking, Yet there so much thats in my head. Yes, after all this random crap, theres more. Not to be written down here.
Sigh. Lifes good!
Alhamdolillah =)

lies? myths? What?

Ever heard of these come your way? What happens if you dont obey?
Does something really happen?

– Dont cut your nails after sunset. Nothing really happens even if you cut them after midnight.
– Dont sretch your arms while being pure lazy after having food. If u do so, your food goes into the dogs tummy.
– Dont dangle your legs. Manhoosiat hoti hai.
– Dont use the scissors over nothing. A fight may happen.
– Dont crack your knuckles.

Who came up with these??? Hain hain?


Randomly 21042010 technically 01032010-31032010

-Latest addiction – reading before sleeping which makes me NOT sleep on time.
-My birthday 2010 was celebrated several times with the best of friends I’ve ever had. Love them all to bits.
-Lots of traveling happened this march which eventually resulted in over exhaustion but great experiences to treasure for life.
-Shared a room with choti for 4 days as a teacher and had moments where we found lying right beside one another with pin drop silence. *comforting*
-I have the best brothers. Love them!
-This birthday a dream came true and died within 36 hours.
-Right and wrong are opposites.
-Moving on and letting things go are total strangers
-A new friend of friend is now a friend [party]
-I got a flat-wide-screen monitor
-Lifes not at its best at the moment probably but its gives me a feeling of content. On second thought, this might just be the best of what life has to offer.
-I did not keep my promise. I still visit canon.com almost everyday… I guess I’ll do the same till I buy my own dslr.
-I don’t get a craving for chocolate anymore as much as I crave photography
-I got my own domain as my birthday present this year ❤ Ada & Mayg api
-I thought all my wisdoms were out just till yesterday when I ended up with a swollen gum and the teeth popping out *hurts*
-I like these kind of random posts
-Nani’s smile made my day and I know for a fact that i made her day too 🙂
-I would adopt Hero and buddy M if I could.
-People from your past can be weird
-Oreo.High was a moment treasured for life
-Lots of chinngum songs these days- Bachana-SKZ-iktara-kedaar-if you’re gone
-Some people are possessive about some people.
-I.repeat – AD and shammy are crazy
-Jkj’s mean more than they ever did
-I listen. I convince. I hug. I smile. I pray. For behtari.
-And I have a huge smile on my face for a reason only I know!!! Muahahaa!! =D

|a million little pieces|

-At the moment, nothing makes sense.
-Life is busy and hectic and tiring but good.
-I’ve pulled an all nighter lately, where I’ve found myself snuggled in my blanket thinking about ALL the wonderful things in life that I’ve achieved and yet HAVE to achieve.
-Too many ideas, very little time.
-Life’s short, doodle it.
-Am finding only that little of time and my brain to read just a chapter a day from this book I’m reading these days.
-My phone has almost 2000 msgs in the inbox.
-AD and Shammy are crazy.
-January 2010 – I baked 3 times and doodled on the cakes/cupcakes
-Party 2009 will surely be alive forever. Thanx Moh! U made my day!
-I climb 8 floors of my apartment building atleast once, everyday. (read: once at the least)
-I’ve started to like my hair in form of a braid.
-I’m trying to have loads of water
-My fairy lights switched ON give my room the perfect mood needed to ‘think’
-I’ve been made to listen to alternative rock and I happily say, I love the genre *kabhi kabhi*
-Passport sized photographs- I dislike!
-I don’t use the word ‘Hate’. I say it’s a strong word to use.
-I will never say NO to Mr Burger bonding.
-My 4 year old niece cried before leaving for dxb, because she wanted me to go with her. It bought tears to my eyes too. Love you Mahnoor *hugs*
-Full moons, they’re beautiful but they make me sad.
-Workplace is full of entertainment these days. Good fun. Works best!
-I have 11 unseen movies sitting in front of me and staring in my face
-Peri bites are YUM!
-Flowers and balloons make me happy, like REALLY happy.
-Hopefully from April I’ll start working on ‘Operation Duck Tape’
-I realize it’s the ‘small’ things in life that make up for a crappy day.
-I promised myself, I will NOT visit any DSLR related websites till I have the money to buy one.
-We’re thousands of miles apart but we share the stars every night.
-I like real smiley faces =)

Of silly things…

Was just randomly sitting and thinking; caught hold of a huge sheet of bubble-wrap. Started popping the bubbles aimlessly, pop…pop…another pop…Pop…pOp…poP…

Bubble wraps are known to be great stress-relievers.
I say… Bubble wraps are FUN!

Happy popping

|Slow and Sure|