Sometimes..you just need reassurance of someones happiness and it makes you happy from the inside. You just need to have a look at it yourself and everything falls in place. The knot in the tummy goes away. The feeling of being blessed occurs. You understand why a certain thing was not meant to be. You wish and pray that Allah Mian keeps everyone happy and continues to being Meherbaan on you and life goess on…



Differently Alike.

April 26th 2010 – That was when i wanted to write this post. I titled it differently alike and suddenly the words disappeared and this wordless post sat in the drafts folder counting on its luck to be published out here soon. Today, August 4th 2010 – I felt strongly about writing this post. I get to the folder, open the post to edit …. and here i am again at a loss of words.
I guess the term ‘Differently Alike’ has SO much to it, that i’m jumbled in the head as to where to start, what to write. First this term came into existence after a few happily crazy moments and it directed towards a very special movie called Definitely Maybe, then at various occasions the term was applied and at times SO strongly applied that it made me wonder, What IS happening!!
Time to say, am blessed and i have no words to describe this part of my life. Allah Mian has given everyone of us such blessings and good times to cherish… we just need to look around and hold them together for life.

Ps: i never thought i’d be out of words and this term which describes us So well would leave me speechless.
Cheers to being differently alike!!

The story of..

…the painful contact lenses.

I wore contacts for a good 4 years or so, most people didnt know i owned a pair of specs which came out only at night when the contacts were allowed to rest in their case and be ready for yet another day of no sleep and strain on my beautiful eyes. After i got to Indus, the winds were filled with dust particles that bothered me throughout the day causing irritation and redness. I used to doze off while wearing them and be woken up with a pair of RED eyes and contacts stuck to the pupil. And oh boy, THAT was painful. My eyes would get dry and the contacts need mositure but to no avail.. Eventually i stopped wearing contacts and invested in a pair of cool specs. I actually enjoyed wearing specs, changed them bi-annually. This one time i bought a pair of purple specs(very unlike me).

This summer i thought i’d be a good idea if i could get back to wearing contacts just for the sake of it. And so i got myself a new pair of contacts. I wore them everyday and by night my eyes would feel tired, clearly showed am not used to them anymore. Last night after watching the fifa final i couldnt sleep. After fajr i got to bed and slept not realizing that the contacts needed to rest in their case and NOT in my eyes *Sigh* Ab toh hogya! Woke up 730 and theres a blur, i couldnt see a thing. I ran towards the mirror and saw my eyes all red and they hurt bad. Took me 20 mins to get those tiny little pieces of plastic off my eyes. Phew!

Am happier with my specs. They are part of my identity. I look different and rather prettier without the specs sitting on my nose and hiding my eyes but they’re comfortable and trendy AND i can sleep without worrying about my eyes hurting when i wake up. So there we go.. Specs WIN over contacts! Finally!

Ps: My specs make me PHUPO for mahnoor. When Ada and family shifted to dubai, Mayg api told me how in the mall, Mahnoor ran to this girl who was wearing gaLses and WAS phupo! Cutie!


No use being so nice to everybody on the face of this planet.
People who do not respect you, do not i repeat DO NOT deserve the respect in return.
*takes a bow*
*runs.hides in secret place*

GP can(t) dance saala ;)

Well, dancing is something everyone can do. Its just a matter of doing it in front of people or when no ones watching. I can dance when no ones watching and just a few days back I realized I AM actually shy when it comes to dancing with someone. I’ve danced or rather done a simple luddi with a bunch of friends but a one on one…. I AM SHY.

*skittle red cheeks*

I’ve been on a high for the past 2 days. With no internet at home for 20 days or so.. the workplace with OVER loads of work… am a little sleep-deprived and HIGH! Funny mode ON! Been bugging friends and colleagues at workplace. Lifes good 🙂


from right to wrong.

There are So many things i dont agree to while the others do…
Am i right or are they right?
Who’s right? who’s wrong?
Is it my way of dealing with things that allows me to say that a certain thing is right or wrong? or… is it my upbringing that backs my way of looking at things differently from others.

Laikin matlab kyaaaaa.aaaaaaa???