Baarish 2011

Finally, karachi saw a little of the rain. Veryyyy little but it brought the mitti ki khushbu that one longs for. the pressure built up, humidity… and eventually it poured leaving me in awe after i saw the beautiful sky. Amidst the greys appeared a streak of orange.. What a beauty! SubhanAllah. The after effects left me happy, with winds blowing.
Thankyou Allah Mian 🙂

Burn out :/

Karachi is burning yet again. The city of lights is quiet and haunting. The rooftop session today was lonesome. I made Chai and decided to sit outside, breathe in some fresh air and erase the crappiness and all the bad news coming in from all sides all day… but to no avail. Even the stars didn’t shine on me tonight. Weird awkwardness in the air. Just as I decided to walk back in, a no-cloud patch appears and Chand Mian shines on me. It’s a full moon night.. Allah Mian? Whats happening?
Take away all the negativity around us. Bring back the stars. I like them shining on me… not hiding like scared twinkles under the clouds. Bring ‘em back I say!
Make things better, please?

Day 2 – The rooftop

Anyone who knows me well, would know that i am inspired by nature… the sky. the clouds. the stars. the sun. THE chand mian 🙂
Being blessed with the most beautiful rooftop one can have in the city of chaos… is a Charm. I can spend an entire night sitting outside my apartment and enjoy the thandii hawaainat the rooftop. open skies. cars passing by. birds flying by. sparkling stars. charming Chand mian. the fresh air that gives you goosebumps. the traffic signal lights that always intrigue me. racing bikers. struggling rickshaws. Sigh.

Sometimes i capture the most beautiful scenery where i see rumbling skies, strokes from nature that only Allah Mian can create. My faith high… i sit there.. sometimes clicking pictures of what i see.. at other times i find myself mesmerized by what i see that i forget to click.

The rooftop is an inspiration for me, i’ve spent countless owl nights swinging by the jhoola. When kesc decides to take away the luxury, i run to the rooftop Check more work inspired by the rooftop here.