THE bat :)

A very important task was at hand and a flight was booked for Khi. The flight landed safe. The things-to-do list had one thing which was top priority. A special trip to Lords sports store was made. 2 hours were spent and a cricket BAT was bought with a kit inclusive of pads etc. The guy at the store very well understood the importance of this bat. Afterall, a team was being made and plans of knocking down a century were in the loop. This was special. The guy sent the bat for knocking, it was picked from the shop and handled with utmost TLC. This BAT travelled all of Defence and clifton and was kept an eye upon while the family attended a rooftop dinner party. The bat was finally home after that and was ready to travel the world, well Dubai for now. The bat had a flight booked in the emirates where one knows that everyone is well take care of.
The bat very safely reached dubai, Kudos to my ADA who made this very special BAT a very interesting part of our lives. May THE bat live long and do justice to its knocking and hit cock balls to make centuries to be remembered for life! Ameen.

The hopeless Optimist!

If you know me well, you’d know that I’m a hopeless Optimist. I use the term hopeless because my faith doesnt die. I’m hopeless like that! 😀 New way to look at the term hopeless … nai? I’m the one who sees good in things that are bad for most. I see ‘Behtari’. I’m optimistic about life in all. I use the term…’koi baat nai’ all the time. Most people aren’t too convinced with it. I don’t use the word [hate] but rather ‘dislike’. You just can’t hate anything/anyone. Dislike is more like it 🙂

Mr Wiki says optimism is “Hopefulness and confidence about the future or successful outcome of something; a tendency to take a favorable or hopeful view”.

I found this image online and I could relate to it SO well because I actually did something similar. I bought a backpack [laptop bag] in anticipation. Yes, I am saving up for a laptop. So the bag came in first and because of the bag only… the laptop will come soon! 😀 Inshallah!

Last year was my year of savings for a DSLR. I had been saving for over 2 years, but I had a goal, a vision towards the DSLR. My target was a camera that I used at workplace… but as soon as i had enough money for it… Canon had come up with 3 new cameras. There was a moment of ‘steadddddyyyyyyy’. I waited a couple of months more and saved up for the best DSLR available in my budget and bought it!

The same way… will get me a laptop sooner than soon. My optimism has brought me where I am today. I do get a little a demotivated at times… after all I be human. But I have precious people who bring me back!

‘Faith in God, includes faith in His timing’ – Neal A.Maxwell

So yess…Faith high, up in the sky[where the birds fly and the beautiful chaand mian resides with sparkly stars].

For whatever is bestt and behtar! Patience prevails and my question remains. Allah mian? *giggles*

Thankyou Allah Mian..

…for all the goodness around me.. that i sometimes fail to see… understand….absorb.
Thankyou for all the blessings..friends.. family….people around me..
For all the duas that keep me rolling..the calls from nani…Ammi..Baba..
the skill.. the talent.. that keeps me going.. the faith that everything will turn out great..
I do tend to think otehrwise.. sometimes.. the tummy in the knot bothers me..
but for that u’ve given me friends who try and help me get away that feeling..
Thankyou for giving me Choti… Thankyou for giving me S..Ada..Mayg api.. Manoo…Mehruu..
Thankyou for every little thing.. like the teeniest weeniest thing that u’ve blessed me with.
Allah mian.. Aap buhat AALA hain!

Let the faith remain! let the goodness flow!
Let it all come my way..ALL whats the best for me..
Allah Mian.. So?? You know what i’d askk…
Whats the plan? Hain hain 😉

Halfway October..

-Lifes been a roller coaster and it has no rewind button
-Just sometimes i wish there was a rewind button
-30 years of awesomeness for Baba and Ammi *Love*
-Ada and familys ‘sumprise’ official-family visit was just great
-Mahnoor continues to not share Phupo with Mehru and remains my best friend *thumbs up*
-October was supposed to be camera month for me..but instead became camera month for S (am glad though)
-But i’m still hopeful. 2010 is the year for me. Still 2 more months to go =)
-I finally used my wiltons color gels for Saads 22nd birthday cake. Turned out great.
-Nani’s ‘special’ DUA makes me smile
-I learnt abt BMWs a little.
-Recent trips to billboard have been funny.
-Bonding with Buddy M was awesome. Needed that doze.
-Choti got a qwerty too. Thats a good chain reaction. Boo!
-Me and choti plan to walk together till we’re 60. The thought makes me smile.
-Icecream makes me happy. Chocolate chunk cookies make me happier. Anaar juice made me the Happiest =)
-Am enjoying workplace and my cubicle a LOT.
-Gotta do some serious baking soon.
-Lots of need to be done.
-Did a very interesting ‘envelopy’ project =)
-PGCA is amaaazing.
-Working on a mini DK project. Shall share when done
-Did some doodles and proud of them.
-Adobe illustrator and Photoshop are a blessing
-Numerology is interesting
-Noori.Ali azmat.Mauj- Should be fun.
-H2H with ammi turned out great.
-Havent read a good book in 2 months.
-I washed my USB and the Ipod with my Jeans. The USB survived, the ipod didnt.
-Its just half of October gone and its seems like forever. Why is time running all of a sudden?
-Lifes tough but adventurous.. am Glad.
-Praying brings me back the faith.
*Blessed* =)

PS: I LOVE starry nights.

A very happy 24th :)

The clock struck 11:45 pm and my most fantabulous birthday started with Buddy M’s call. This year round i didnt pre-plan my day. I just wanted to play along and enjoy every moment spontaneously and i cant thank enough Allah mian for giving me such a wonderful day with a zillion little big amazing memories to cherish for a life time. Alhamdolillah! Blessed i be 🙂

M’s shaadi week started. Amidst of her dholki madness i recieved birthday wishes via call and msgs and hugs. My friends around me singing ‘jungle mein mangal teray he dam say..kisnay yeh shor machayaa hai.. salgirah ka din aaya hai..’ what fun!!!

Birthday being on a week day has its own charm, though a birthday weekend is what one wishes for. The day started absolutely well, with special heart-warming prayers form all the loving elderlies at workplace. Hugs and love from the colleagues. A huge surprise from Ammi who teamed up with my students and got cake, flowers and balloons at school. Love her for being such a loving young-at-heart kinda mom. My final year students who were my first lot whom i taught, got a cake and flowers 🙂 My current students, the 2nd years got a scrumptious chocolate cake and some more flowers too! Later i got to know that they had been planning for it since friday. Sweet kids.

Tim and Zaid came to wish me at workplace, we re-lived old thesis times. Its such a great feeling to be loved by SO many people altogether. Never felt the same before. The day went by busy with work and chaos. The most special 10 mins were spent with choti at the end of the day. Made a surprise visit to nani’s, she was happy beyond limits 😀

Later at home, Bhai and Ayezu came for a surprise visit which i actually ruined (unintentionally). I reached home and saw Bhai waiting for Ayezu at the gate *cuties*. Cut the cake with them. The cake read ‘Happy Birthday Api’. Buddy M made a special appearance later at night! All in all, It was a great great birthday to treasure for life. 4 cakes on the 24th 😀 A special celebration with C and S followed the next day!

Got a call from Mahnoor, cutie. Waiting for the card she made for me.

They say that its hard to find people who love you, care for you. I musst say am truly blessed to have SO many people loving me. Alhamdolillah! Thanks to everyone who made my 24th very special!! 🙂

Special thanx to Ammi, Baba, Ada, Mayg api, Mahnoor, Saad, Mate, Shammy, Choti, The Twins, buddy m, Hero, Bhaiyyu, Buddy M, Ayezu, Eefa and everyone who called and made my day! Love.


Happy 2010!

So yea..Its flashback time, a little*just a little* late but yea… for the record.

The Year 2009, the year when life changed for the better, bigger experiences came in, a lot of laughter and happiness revailed, new members in the family were inducted, new friends were made for life, bonding sessions that meant the most and will last forever =)

Looking back, it all started great Alhamdolillah. I was soooo looking forward to 2009 with faith high, up in the sky. Saad started FY at Indus and with it my 2nd year at work started, Abida Parveen- Live in concert, largest event at Indus organized, 23rd birthday, first International trip as faculty to ‘Thailand’ with my best friends as students, early april Dadi passed away, Basant happened at school and later came an opportunity to manage a band, joined [NO IDEA] as manager for 6 months, New friends came into being; Boo, AD and Amy, Choti’s birthday happened which was magical for her =)

Pakistan sign language(PSL) certification, lots of cake treats and bonding sessions, Sidrah got married, doodling came into existence for me, roof-topping, chocolates, more photography, one on one with Allah Mian, admiring the sunsets more, starry nights and casanova Mr Chand Mian, voice of the dying horse… trips back home, gullak money, birthdays made special, hero-Buddy M-Best friend, my junior lot-best friends-hero and buddy M gang graduated, -‘Dost’- happened, I became Phupo once again to a beautiful niece ‘Mehr Fatima’, also became Khala to my handsome nephew ‘Raaif’, Bibi passed away(no more dua wali candies) but lots of prayers remained, Maria got nikahofied, heart to heart sessions, photography competitions, barbies, Alumni show, found my ‘Real Unbiological Sister’ this year, prayed more, hopes were high, faith was higher, ended with a full moon and a happy person photo shoot with chotaaay.

All in all, a fantastic-happening-happy-year, Welcoming the new year with open arms with prayers and faith n patience to cope up with all the tough times life has to offer and cherish all the good times for years to come. Inshallah. Ameen.

Happy 2010 folks!

Resolution 2010:
-be a better person
-get DSLR =)

the ADA in my life :)

ada n me

Need i say more? Love u!