countdown begins :)

50 days to ‘Qubool hai’
This picture says a lot!

Picture courtesy: RR Photography
Cushions: Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios


…i just walk out to the rooftop and breathe. Breathe in the fresh air.
The cold windy breeze.. i shut my eyes and breathe in deep.
The freshness that reaches my lungs makes me smile.
While the stars and chand mian shine down upon me…
I hug the winds and smile
Allah mian… THANKYOU!
Please continue to be meherbaan… please. Ameen.
*dhk dhk*

Life at 3am

Last night I couldnt sleep mostly because I took a power nap and woke up post midnight to cover up on pending work. There was discomfort. A weird dream during the power nap is what I vaguely remember. Didnt give it much thought and it disappeared or maybe not. I wasnt thinking yet there was something bothering me… Ya know the heavy hearted feeling. I shut the lid to the laptop and decided to walk outside. Breathe in some fresh air and smile with the stars… The stars never let me down. I thought of Nana, Wado Baba, Haji Ama and Bibi last night. The wonders Nana’s presence would have done to me at this point in time. The duas Haji Ama and Bibi showered upon me all my life. *Blessings*
Allah Mian, Thankyou 😀

ps. not my own image, found it online.


Today, I smiled.
I smiled when i saw a smile
I smiled when I heard the song
I smiled when the winds hit my face
When my ponytail flew with the wind
I shut my eyes and took a deep breath
With my eyes closed, I smiled big
I smiled when I saw stars
I smiled when my hands got cold
And warmth touched me
I smiled when the car took a U turn
I smiled big and satisfied.
Alhamdolillah for the wonderful things in life

*Thankyou Allah Mian*

Day 2 – The rooftop

Anyone who knows me well, would know that i am inspired by nature… the sky. the clouds. the stars. the sun. THE chand mian 🙂
Being blessed with the most beautiful rooftop one can have in the city of chaos… is a Charm. I can spend an entire night sitting outside my apartment and enjoy the thandii hawaainat the rooftop. open skies. cars passing by. birds flying by. sparkling stars. charming Chand mian. the fresh air that gives you goosebumps. the traffic signal lights that always intrigue me. racing bikers. struggling rickshaws. Sigh.

Sometimes i capture the most beautiful scenery where i see rumbling skies, strokes from nature that only Allah Mian can create. My faith high… i sit there.. sometimes clicking pictures of what i see.. at other times i find myself mesmerized by what i see that i forget to click.

The rooftop is an inspiration for me, i’ve spent countless owl nights swinging by the jhoola. When kesc decides to take away the luxury, i run to the rooftop Check more work inspired by the rooftop here.

Just one of those days…

Colder feet, coldest fingers
Hours of Fun, Time ran fast
Mahnoors 5th birthday and her shrieking voice.
Excitement to its highest level! *duas*
Random phone calls
Random-est photography session
Smiles. Laughter. Chefs special Pizza
Duas Qubooled.
Allah Mian IS listening ❤ Awesome! *u know who u are*
Skittles and sparkles
Hugs and love and prayers
The stars shine brighter than any other day
The positive energy wraps me around itself
Tickle cells active more than ever
Allah mian! Whats the plan 😀


Just last night i indulged myself in some ME time. I’d say though i have some time off from school aka a winter break i havent really given time to myself, my thoughts… in other words the much required ‘me time’. So i stepped outside.. the cold winds.. the traffic.. the darkness..My Chand mian… the stars.. everything was the same..the rooftop seemed lonely.. I hadnt really spent time there. I climbed the real rooftop(yes i am very daring that way) sat there for an hour or so..hummed a few songs..chilled.
I kept thinking..whts this life all about? Why am i working so hard.. that i’m not being able to give time to myself. Not that i’m complaining but just thinking aloud. Later i sat on the jhoola.. swinging.. back and forth.. back and forth..I clicked a few pictures. Enjoyed holding my OWN camera. Its a feeling only I know…the sense of achievement 🙂 Alhamdolillah!
Thanking Allah Mian at every step of life. Creating new stuff..Life’s good.
Looking forward to the new year.. new beginnings.. new goals.. new deadlines.
but but.. Allah Mian.. Whats the plan? 😉